The most popular this year the camel's hair yiyibushe

The most popular color this year to several of camel's hair, this winter if you do not have one of camel's hair clothes would be outdated oh. We look at the New Year of camel's hair coat! You prepared for himself?
01 this yiyibushe change traditional NeZi coat without collars style, add DaMao brought design, fashion and personality and warm, single-breasted one design, and serve bowknot, don't with tie-in demeanor and gathered waist, is beautiful MM necessary styles oh.
02 pure white really rabbit hair bring, the design of simple design, soft fabrics to people comfortable handle, in this paragraph of yiyibushe camel's hair, give a person a kind of affinity.
03 the most popular han2 ban3 joker NeZi short paragraph coat, collars soft, comfortable and TuoXie, may do collar, warmth retention property good, wear in the body is very comfortable.
04 temperament NeZi short paragraph coat, feel comfortable, reflecting the charm of restoring ancient ways, need not add any adornment, also can do render wear.
05 bowknot this simple adornment, maximum satisfy many ordinary woman princess complex, simple sense is admirable super quite rich wool? Materials, contracted design style, this is all in winter to let him move of reason!
06 technology exquisite handmade woolen coat, leather, rabbit hair enchase among them, colour is pure and full-bodied pure color elements, woman foil to be extremely stereo and grace.


False eyelash choose guidelines

Think false eyelash exaggeration and affectation friend, please RaoLu. Want to fantastic eye ministry impression, and the kind of eyelash was a massive disappointment friends, see come over. False eyelash, absolutely is god-given woman one of the wonders of, once the master use method, you won't give it up.
Both can satisfy you bend so as to breakstubborn modelling ideal, and won't hurt eyelash, pull to loose eyelids false eyelash that how to use? Below will tell you all!
Step 1 and false eyelash, choose?
False eyelash is divided into Europe and America, Europe and America of Japanese department and fasten is characteristic of concentration, suitable for the eye contour outstanding, or to create stage effect girl use; Day fastens actually in Taiwan production is in the majority, effect is natural, suitable for orientals eye form, such as CAI yilin dear princess 7 fork false eyelash. Price, your price and cheap is not only the quality of distinction, if you compare careless, day cast type of cheap false eyelash is suitable for you, If you belong to receive da, your price eyelash is also worth the investment, if you need to buy art eyelash, then must buy brand, the effect is flowery and won't have a cheap impression.
Recommend the whole of false eyelash, vice, and effect is prominent drifts of false eyelash eyelash use collocation is whole best vice, let my eyes more distinct. The roots of roughness, thus allowing eyes are more existence feeling, Transparent roots, so even if lazy don't draw look line, also won't feel abrupt. But the entire false eyelash with degrees, and the roots of the most closely contact, must be soft, besides have thequality safeguard of famous brand, want "WuYinLiangPin" is the only way of try different products, to find only really wear up, can feel the effect.
Step2, want true and false eyelash real ones
First you should treat your eyelash from the roots with eyelash clip clip out the ideal roll degree, and then, if you use a disposable false eyelash, can be labeled as false eyelash after another, and true eyelash brush together on eyelash creams. If it is needed, can be repeated use first in their own eyelash brush on eyelash creams, the eyelash to cream do not completely dry before, affix eyelash with fingers will true and false eyelash stick together.
The ideal way is to stick false eyelash, again on eyelash creams, such roll degree and colour more natural. When discharge makeup, can be false eyelash soaked in discharge makeup fluid, unloading above eyelash creams. Even if your price of false eyelash, use commonly 3 times or so, best discarded, lest effect affected.
Step3, how to stick a supernatural beauty lashes?
First confirm that eye head position, then according to your own eye shape will false eyelash clip into an ideal length of, position must be posted on eyelash root, just appear natural. Glue dosage of unfavorable excessive, affix after pressing, with cotton bar fixed false eyelash.
Stick false eyelash glue is very important, false eyelash can buy the cheap one, eyelash glue absolutely cannot province, in case the wrong hands buy 3 without the product, contain unsafe substances, as was swollen eyes played, just call the loss outweights the gain.
Step4, how discharge won't pull loose eyelids?
Before discharge false eyelash, must first with special discharge makeup fluid, covered with 2 minutes, let the glue dissolved, don't pull hard, have apparent pain outside, long-term such, absolute would pull loose eyelids.
Best buy false eyelash special discharge makeup fluid, Japanese series have many choices, the price also is the supermarket level. Wear contact lenses of words, had better wear again makeup, first off, again discharge makeup, in order to maintain the cleanness of eyeball.


Riviera Club 2011 spring album

Like this style of photography, I even words don't want to write,

Lest superfluous words will affect everyone go to experience this group of pictures of artistic conception


High heels woman” care Raiders

High heels women’s stomach (Source: photo media)

High heels women’s stomach

Situation one: approaching the end of endless late at night, stomach pain; a variety of entertainment followed, Tuibeihuanzhan between the stomach; to lose weight, eat fruit and seafood, eat an apple every night, did not adhere to a month, stomach pains.

Situation two: the morning time is tight, no time to eat breakfast at the table next to the calm, casually eating slices of bread to deal with.Lunch, a cup of strong coffee, a package saves time and effort.

Expert analysis: white women now a high incidence of stomach, in addition to long-term mental stress causes, but diet is also an important factor in the lack of science. Business meals, meat, nutritional imbalance, such as some Western package, often a piece of grilled steak, a loaf of bread, plus rare, raw vegetables, the type and quantity of vegetables is not enough. And lunch time is short, eat fast, do not have time to slowly, very Shang Wei.

In addition, they rarely cook at home for their delicious meals, and often rely on yogurt, fruit meet the dinner.

Tips: buy an electric cooker, the morning the Tang Bao, set a good time, come back at night there is a ready-made soup, adding some fruit, vegetables, staple food, dinner, easy to eat a nutritious. Ruddy make more soup, and not fat. Meat soup, vegetarian soup Bianzhuohuayang drink. Meat soup should the oil floating on the surface of Piediao.

In addition, in the office can put some “healthy snacks”, such as fortified cereal chips, almonds, raisins, bananas, pineapple, seaweed, Shugan. You can also put some “health drinks”, such as jujubepowder, pure orange juice, black sesame paste.

High heels woman’s heart (Source: photo media)

High heels women’s heart

Situation one: depressed mood, anxiety, irritability, restlessness, loss of interest in daily activities, there is no pleasant feeling, all day anxious, worried, energy loss, often feel persistent fatigue.

Situation two: save hundreds of phone numbers but no one can talk heart to heart and their own. More and more women can not find friends to talk, meet friends after work has its own life, busy with work, to face, who would not easily go to disturb the others.

Expert analysis: some “high heels woman” to work in the office, air conditioning, computers, intense work pace, vigorous and resolute walk and speech rate, as high heels, “blah” knock the floor clear voice, no clear-cut .

Loner, a narrow circle of personal life. A serious shortage of manual labor. Long-term brain tension, character aloof, wary of strong, cold.

Tips: choose a time to take off high heels every day to exercise, it is best to go in nature, take the initiative to meet like-minded friends, find their own circles, often engaged in activities show love, be easy to and inner height of the “elevation” are down, and back to leading a poor Youyanjiangcu ordinary tea.


Louboutin Shoes – Never Go Out of Style

They don’t scream out, "Hey, can be found glance at me, I’m a artist shoe". Even although they have their signature red-colored sole, they are not really a walking advertisement. They can be found in so several styles and prints; there is typically a shoe for each and every occasion. Louboutin shoes turn an normal outfit in to a thing extraordinary. each and every woman dreams of opening her closet doors and seeing shelf pursuing shelf pursuing shelf of those shoes. a tremendous selection of pairs of Louboutin shoes of her very own, from sandals to attractive sky considerable pumps. If this really is each and every woman’s desire why aren’t the streets filled with ladies placing on these extraordinary shoes? reliable artist shoes can reselling price a at lowest of 5 hundred bucks a pair with some costing a thousand bucks or more. it may be considered a develop for most ladies to can be found to possess the ability to afford even just one pair. That is why sensible ladies consider their bucks and use it precisely where they are able to get probably the most for it, logging on to on the net stores precisely where replica shoes could possibly be ordered for just about any fraction using the price. The glance so very much such as the reliable Louboutin shoes, you’ll desire to purchase much more and using the bucks you save, offered that you just can!

Shoes undoubtedly are a needed accessory; they safeguard your ft from any element that is near to the ground. Just offered which they serve like a protective barrier among your ft along using the soil doesn’t signify they can’t be trendy and fun. regardless of whether you are finding ready for just about any evening near to the town, walking reducing in the direction of corner store, or steering to some Sunday brunch, which shoes you choose says a complete whole lot about you. These shoes say that you just like design but you’re not snotty or stuck up. if you suit on Louboutin shoes you are saying that you just retain your eyesight on fashion, you understand what the hottest trends are as well as you are not afraid to duplicate them. you understand what adds that even more a thing to merely a tiny dark dress, what turns all those lounging jeans into hip casual suit on and what completes that spring outfit. you understand its Louboutin shoes. offered the fact that reliable Louboutin shoes are as well expensive, ladies then make the conscious work and change to probably the most sought pursuing replicas.


Gisele Bundchen for Balenciaga Spring 2011 Campaign

Gisele Bundchen models in Balenciaga Spring 2011 Campaign. 30-year-old Brazilian bombshell is sporting a very different look in the Balenciaga campaign. Photographed bySteven Meisel, Gisele is flaunting androgynous look in the new shoot that also features male model Yuri Pleskun who is dressed in ghostly makeup.

gisele balenciaga spring 2011 campaign

With makeup by Pat McGrath, hair by Guido Palau, Gisele Bundchen BalenciagaCampaign features her channeling the boyish punk spirit with choppy wig. Gisele also walked in Balenciaga Spring 2011 Fashion Show flaunting Nicolas Ghesquière’s latest collection.

Styled by Marie – Amelie Sauve Bundchen’s Spring Summer 2011 campaign looks unique. What’s your take on Gisele’s different look? HIT or MISS?


When you carry not when studying again

1, the backer mountain would pour, by everybody will be run, only oneself is the most reliable.
2 no man, no, walk you lifetime, so you want to adapt to loneliness, and no one will help you a lifetime, so you have to struggle through life.
3, and use the tears remorse today, as with sweat hard today.
4 and when tears do, leave should be strong.
5, life is like a cup of coffee without sugar, drink up is bitter, but have long aftertaste up not recede the notes.
6, a fate, and go all out to become scenery, have the heart, adhere to China is sincere.
7, choose her loved, love oneself have chosen.
8 and the seconds don't give up, next second there is hope.
9, once owned of don't forget, fail to gain more should cherish, belong to own don't give up, do not belong to his don't demand, has lost the reserved for memory.
10, like this treasure, cherish don't give up.
11, life is a journey, not the destination, but the scenery on the way should be and the mood at the view.
12, not than people, but beg surmount oneself, to cry to cry out in tears, to excited smile smile a growing personality.
13 for you, sad and happy is the enemy, for your happiness and joy are friends, for your sad and sad is your best friend.
14 and if love, please deep love. If do not love, please leave.
The first sentence "people are forced out." Everyone is of potential, born in happiness, died of sicknesses, and so when facing pressure, don't focus dryness, perhaps this just life for your little test, believe in yourself, everything can handle, forcing nasty bawcock can liangshan, times hero, poorer people think change, only pressure will have power. As long as the heart has hope exists, is the happiness exists.
Second statement: "if you simple, this world on your simple". Simple life can happiness life, people always happy to self-sufficiency, tolerant magnanimous, anything can not think multifarious, spiritual load heavy and will YuanTian sorrow. To regularly on memory for a delete, the unpleasant things and people from memory, devoid of.
The third sentence: "there is no rehearsa in your life, every day is live". Occasionally thought, if life is like a electronic game, playing bad can choose heavy, what life would be like? Because time is gone forever, every day is not recover, so more will cherish every inch of time, honour thy father and thy mother, love children, considerate lover, good friends.
The fourth sentence: "bosom just like pregnant, time is long can let a person see out". People, never self-righteousness, earth left the who will turn, through the ages, ShiCai unbridled of people come to no good end. So, even if again able, also must remain modest and prudent, completes own things, gold will shine.
The fifth sentence: "the past wine wel know already 1000 cups little, now wine every thousand cups know already less". Not very has no head for wine, experience not wine delicious, but can feel know already beauty. Life without a friend is lonely, incomplete, however, because life is busy, gradually dwindled contact, friendship becomes weak, therefore, spare some time to chat with friends, contact, make friendship with laughter rising, when friends meet difficult problems, must remember to stand up, even if won't help and comfort is also the biggest support.
Sixth sentence: "life if the wrong direction, stop is progress". People, always hard to correct his faults, are always difficult to find their own mistakes, sometimes, knowing it wrong, but wants to stop butcannot, a wrong again wrong, grasp the correct direction and stick to your own principles, a world of temptation many, heaven never falling pies, don't because of covet a happy and pay a painful price, if found wrong, must stop.
The seventh sentence: "two tragedies in life: one is desperation, one is become". Modern man seem particularly fragile, the newspaper reported many celebrities have depression everyday, these people must from one extreme to another extreme. Because of stroke, just believe yourself is perfect, is omnipotent, if by a little frustration, will become extremely low self-worth, even lose courage continue in life. For oneself seek a accurate positioning, enjoy life fun.
The eighth sentence: "life and love is same, missed the love is missed life". What is love? Let us bewilder, let a person is dazzled, the face of love, brave, boldly say their love, a flower 29generations pick straight must pick, mo stay no flower empty fold branches. People always birth and death, how is life, missed the love is missed the best of life.
The ninth sentence: "world rich valentine". Modern society people become increasingly snobbish, love also more and more insignificant, so I have to believe "world rich valentine" to modern love the most accurate description.
The tenth sentence: "to succeed, need a friend, to achieve great success, need enemy". Have a competition to just have development, because had the enemy's existence, because had the so-called determination, will hard completes own thing, so, sometimes, the enemy forces bigger than friends, world there are no eternal enemies, but has a forever friend, sometimes, the enemy can also become friends.