They say that you are not a bad kid

He was 9 years old, my father did not manage their greed because the jail. Although the small side so partners and the students did not alienate or ridicule him, but always felt he knew him for each person in a criminal's son laughed at him. Inferiority complex like stars poisonous seeds sprouted in his heart, he became more and more silent, for each approached him were full of conflict of alert. At that time, his greatest desire is to transfer, move to a no one knew his family background he was not familiar with the place. To make up for the sins committed by his father, the mother is almost sold out around the house, in her busy day and night in grocery stalls, make money, that is just to maintain the livelihood of both mother and child. In despair, he began playing truant, and on the streets of the bad boy mix Cheyebugui to play games online, no money to steal. He did not dare to steal other people to steal the mother, the mother discovered, beat him to call him, let him that will no longer be the case. His head down silently. Later, because the mother does not become anti-stealing was too strict, he and the students rush the street with the money bad boy, his mother brought him to the police station several times, despair, and decided to send him to a distant grandmother. He cried to refuse refused to go, his mother bent, sat day and night by a long train and bus, and walk more than an hour, took him to the depths of the mountains grandmother home. Cried the mother said of her grandmother, saying she can stop him. Grandmother said nothing, accept him. Mother walking, step by back, his face and tears, but he kicked the side of the road rock indifference, an indifference. In a village deep in the mountains only a few dozen families, a trip to town should take a half hour. Grandma did not even TV, he went to three uncles home and watch TV, can obviously feel unwelcome. They look at him like Fangzei his thick-skinned, not care, wore them to hate in the eyes continue to rely on people watching TV. Until one day he came back from the street, I heard her and three aunts in the fight, my grandmother seems to be angry, loud and curse three aunts: conscience is all you dog ate a bad thing! Dad before Jiajia how good you forget you? He is now committed a crime, but Jiajia was a good boy! Do you have any evidence that he took your money? Village warm sun caressed slowly shed his tears, ah, no one said how long he was a boy it? In fact, he really stole the money three uncle. He felt uncle and aunt were all so annoying, do not steal the white do not steal, he put money into a crack in the wall, head stuffed with gravel, not yet back. Then, go to the mountains to stay until late. Grandma did not ask him whether he really stole three uncle's money, but Qi Gugu to say: Jiajia, no matter how people say, Grandma believe you. Grandma looked at the shining white hair and muddy and kind eyes, he suddenly burst into tears feeling, but hold back, pretending indifference, eyelids hanging down to eat. Perhaps three-aunt, said what the village people shunned him, as if he is the bane is the scourge. He was very angry, not any way, Who He is a misdeeds of the child? Only my grandmother, not only do not mind him and take him when the baby. She went to school on crutches and trembling he ask the teachers accept late admissions, and trembling to his laundry, give him good food. Mountain village in the backcountry, what good can it? Besides, that old grandmother, the kinds of crops can not can not keep livestock out of the can. He often sat on the end of the village's walls McDonald miss the city, want to be in tears, to sneak back for a long time wandering in the mountains did not find the way back to town. Because the greedy people in the village he is bad, he often steal their chickens, picking their fruit trees, this, people often send a punitive expedition into her, each time send a punitive expedition of the result is the same, as long as the grandmother cried a few voices, and then whispered a few words to an end. At that time, he felt that her grandmother was amazing, and than he in the city with the head of that small fry also cattle. He never stole her grandmother's money, one is almost no money because her grandmother, and the second is the grandmother said he was the only one who is not a bad kid, he did not want to use facts to prove his grandmother was a bad boy really. He likes the big rough hands Grandma touch with the feeling of his head, like her looking at him with trust heard a thousand times about his preaching story. One year later, the lonely monotonous country had driven him crazy, he wanted a game. The town is said to have sold to almost 200, he is not pondering a lot of ways to get money. Sometimes he would look at the wrist daze grandmother, my grandmother had only a very thick wrist silver bracelet, old technology, is the grandfather to the grandmother of the bride price, from the wear that day, Grandma came off no. Grandma said, the dead have to wear it, it was her grandfather's connection token, or fear of many years of grandfather went to the underworld not recognize her. Said these, her cloudy eyes would light emitting clear, as if she would go to an extremely beautiful place. Want to get a quick idea of game get him mad, and there were times after he fell asleep while her grandmother pick bracelet, after years of toil to the hands of the joints are thicker grandmother larger, the pick is not down. He had to give up the idea of bracelets to secretly get rid of the neighbors on the mountain goats eat the grass to the town, with the money to buy goats to sell back to the game of his dreaming. He held the door cautiously game, but is still seen by her grandmother, her grandmother asked him how much? He keep our noses, not to speak, to uphold open the box, attach the battery to play again. After a child, he suddenly heard her in the yard, a cry Yeah, that sounds like sucking air down, was having a really addictive, and he too lazy to go look. Play hungry,Christian Louboutin and he a lot of noises: I'm hungry. The grandmother is estimated the rice well, he went out looking for food, was surprised to find her grandmother on the kitchen stove still come down to earth with one hand busy, it seems like one hand does not exist. He was a bit strange to turn to see, this view, he was shocked, grandma left hand wrapped in a torn old clothes from the cloth, her wrist was empty, silver bracelet was gone. Grandmother holding his hand, looked for a long time, and asked: Grandma, how was your hand? Grandma smiled and said: old, wearing a bracelet is not convenient to work, I get down when the handle broke accidentally. He looked skeptical grandmother said nothing, the meal, do not know why, he ate very slowly and blocked heart. On the third day, my grandmother launched the burn. Bone to pick bracelet broke her hand, did not prompt treatment to cause the inflammation, to the town hospital some days we go out. Because Grandma's hospitalization, three aunts and my grandmother had a fight, barked loudly from the women, he finally understood why the chicken or fruit because the stolen villagers will be recruited aggressive grandmother settle a few words,Christian Louboutin Boots that Grandma wanted to tell them because the chicken and fruit worth her to, to when she bought it, she asked them to believe that her grandson was a good kid, he just can not stand Guadan of country living that way. Would only get off the bracelet off until Shougu is people take it lost goat. Three aunt asked her grandmother to send him the same grounds that their grandmother's pension costs are all lost because of his evil deeds to the people, they do not have obligations to keep the bad guys. They face accusations aunt, grandmother from beginning to end only one sentence: He is not the kind you say bad boy. Has been hiding in the corner, he suddenly ran out, one flew into the arms of her grandmother, crying. Later, the grandmother asked him why he wept, he said: I will definitely do you say that boy. He really changed for the better, the mother put him back to town to stay in school. Summer vacation he went to selling newspapers, to make their money sent to my grandmother, let her go to redeem bracelets. In the past year, he read in high school, in his obtaining a famous Beijing University, fall, grandma is gone, so many years past, he still remember the old and persistent voice, turns to the people around that: he is not you say the kind of bad boy.Christian Louboutin The growth of life, not only is physical, and spiritual. As in the growth process will suffer even more ill health ailments like heart disease also. Drugs to treat ailments of the body disease, and treatment of heart medicine is love, and those who use love to heal the heart diseases are the angels. Angels may not be wearing a lightweight white gauze pretty child. Sometimes, it is a look, a sound, a detail, a persistence. In his slide to go to hell when my grandmother was the stubborn one sentence recall the sun of his world of angels.