The thin face hairstyle large collection

Moonfaced MM always have some about hairstyle troubles, both want to change for a beautiful hair style, and do not want to everyone to see their round face, the illusion that she was very fat. By this time, hairstyle it is very important. A thin face fashion style, can solve these problems, together and see it:

01 natural big curly hair, can be in casual cover round face, also have special feminine flavour.

02 bright eye hair color make the person line of sight noticed hairstyle. Semicircle bang obscures the haughty forehead, wear face big hats also made more delicate. And curved volumes of hair can hold off round cheeks, achieve visual thin face effect.Christian Louboutin

03 just after eyebrow neat bang length most moderate, appear the eye is god, too long will have the opposite effect. In the long ewha head, to hang down suitable straight, rise to spin face effect, will show little face.Christian Louboutin Boots

04 hair by ear off under bending roll, and long hair upper head bent by A coupon to A glyph, well cover too wide cheekbones, make facial ministry line more downy.

05 the hair, make it all on one side shoulder asymmetric modelling, have a kind of vision poor, let a person think thinner side face true condition.

06 semicircle bang obscure forehead, and haughty curved volumes of hair can hold off round cheeks, achieve visual thin face effect.Christian Louboutin Pumps

07 semicircle bang appear MM special intellectual, revealing a little forehead, already cover too wide forehead and can pull a long face.

08 the hair tied into two tails, can rise to spin face effect. And sometimes, headset has become a thin face of the instrument, can in cheek both sides made natural shadow, make big face looks smaller.

09 who said round-faced cannot dew forehead? As long as he shows just good, can spin visual effect of thin face face shape, it will be better. And this time, other hair is absolutely to down, cover too wide cheekbones, highlight the chin nozzle.

10 the same, the top of head of hair plunge into a high Bob, can spin visual face, still appear particularly lovely. While others have hair down, cover too wide cheekbones, highlight the chin nozzle.

11 round-faced MM to ponytail, must on the cheek both sides will leave the hair, in a certain extent alleviate rounder, do not break again relaxed and agile.

12 tied a low inclined horsetail aside, while the other side leave long bang, this kind of asymmetric feeling on the vision to face.

13 on the hair up to the ears, and semicircle bang together to spin face action.

14 neat bang make round face immediately, and both sides small half bending hairstyle is more outstanding the chin nozzle.


Cashmere coats warm throughout the winter

Just in snapping up autumn outfit costumes, and is about to greet a cold meaning of winter. Wintry popularity? Cashmere coats, will be the most popular and is most can accompany you spend the winter best close-fitting partner. Cashmere coat because of its surface fabric soft, soft and good warmth, very popular:

01 wide collarband deserve scarf elegant beautiful beautiful. Bowknot belt of the woman morbidezza foil incisively and vividly.Christian Louboutin

02 shallow the color of camel's hair cashmere coats goodwill degrees is extremely high, loose style for you win more attention. Even cap design, inside take full of feminine flavour of dress fastens with color, attracting view.

03 black classic double platoon to buckle, folds the hem of very quality.

04 simple atmospheric model with high-grade fugui super-large really fox collars, all show elegant.Christian Louboutin

06 pure color makes the whole dress looks more elegant, oblique placket design, with the same color as the bowknot belt will good figure perfect show.Christian louboutin Black


Chinese, Russian PMs vow to strengthen ties

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin held talks here Monday evening during which they vowed to strengthen bilateral ties.

They made the commitment in small-scale talks after Wen arrived in the evening for an official visit to Russia.

Wen said that with the organization of a series of cultural activities including the language year programs, China-Russia ties have developed to an unprecedentedly high level.

This is in line with the fundamental interests of both countries and their peoples, contributes vigorously to world peace and promotes development of both countries, Wen said.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (L) shakes hands with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin before a banquet in St. Petersburg, Russia, Nov. 22, 2010.

"I hope to inject new vigor into the comprehensive deepening of Sino-Russian strategic partnership of coordination through my visit," said the Chinese premier.

Putin said that Russia attaches great importance to bilateral ties with China and expressed his satisfaction with the development of these ties.Christian Louboutin

At present, both economies are facing with precious opportunities of development and therefore cooperation between Russia and China is conducive to rapid development of their economies, said Putin.Christian Louboutin Pumps

He expressed the hope that both countries would make concerted efforts to ensure that bilateral cooperation can bear more fruit.Christian Louboutin shoes

The two leaders also exchanged views on promoting cooperation in key sectors.


Love is a kind of smile of desolation

Friends suddenly lacked.brother said: "love is very wild."
He and former girlfriend almost every few years would meet, recently, he met her. These years, he has changed a lot, she looks still so young. Once deeply in love of two people, when we meet already speechless, everyone don't want to mention it again break up reasons. However, although not speaking, between each other but still has a kind of time to wash not to drop the hate.
Once upon a time, love frazzle of two people, now every time meet but confrontation. They always can't live together, they become hate each other. He'll get another woman, when she went, instead he to other woman not interested.Christian Louboutin Boots
Lifetime beloved, in each time, at such a barren. Love really have what we sing so beautiful?
In love, we tolerate, also envy, Forgive me, also revenge, Hold it against you, yet fragile, love forever with the hate as opposite walk together.Christian louboutin Black
We won't forget used to love and why break up, but not mentioned. Who meet mention before a variety of, who is to compare care about that. Why should I let you know I care?
Not already has a philosopher said? "Love is boring desert the dangers of the oasis".
Some love at the end and without love nor hate, it is a process, is over the past one page.
Some love because they could not grow, only increased yearning of love. No matter how much you pay, unavoidably one day falls in the wilderness, JuJu walk alone. But we never forget to love and be loved every moment, these passing days also CengZhaoLiang our life.
Love is a kind of smile of desolation.


Love, eight are sufficient

So love a person, will be his nose, such as magic battle sites, complete can oneself. From now on, you don't have their own ideas without their joys and sorrows, you regard him as center, with he together, you are the whole world; Not with he together, the world is him.
So love a person, will disregard principles and stand him slowly he used to this indulgent, ignoring you for his pay, even will think you very vexed, so no character, even started contempt, snub, don't respect you...
So love a person, you is a candle, desperate to burn, just to seek a light and heat. Stay candle burns out, you are nothing. But the other party is just a flashlight, he can continuously add new battery, and always maintain the vigor.
So love a person, he will get used you to his good, and forgot myself also should pay, forget your also need to get equal value -- he was totally you spoilt. Don't you think that love each other very he'll love you very love, it is unreasonable, so many times, love is not equal.
No, don't love a person love oblivious to forget yourself. That love should only appear in the novel, the society increasingly unwelcome desperate love. Give him breathing space, also give oneself leave a room - puhuo to love, ongoing when you let a person feel magnificence, but if he be, how do you pack take a ground Wolf? Put so much, can you face the heavy loss?Christian louboutin Black
So, love a person do not love arrive very, eight is enough. The rest of the two points, used to love yourself. But 100,000 doesn't love his reason also enemy nevertheless a love his reason!
Love me, really do not need too much, eight is enough. A little, and I will always be sad, that means I in your heart, you're not weight not enough love me, And much, can also hurt me, because except love, we still need to life and friends, too, will let me bewildered. Love me, just eight points, cherish me, trust me, and I in return for your will also be is love you, treasure you, trust you!Christian Louboutin
Actually more accurately, to love just eight points, to love and to be loved is the happiness. Very love, let us each other all suffer from love, not to walk to the marriage, not a choice, love is two people, marriage is a mutual trust, tolerance, and understanding, you love him, give him half of freedom, trust each other, the space of love me, please love quaver, everybody has his own world, just don't hurt each other, retiring love, not incomplete, but more perfect!


There is love, naked divorced and did not

Whenever see grand wedding, his wife always feeling greatly: in this life, I haven't tried to do the bride's taste. Yes, want to 10 years ago, oneself in all aspects and again in business repeatedly fought and lost, owe brushstroke butt debt, now wife or costomers happy became my woman. That day, no wedding, nor luxurious banquets, just please two friends from 100 miles apart, the wife home her connect to come over and put a string of firecrackers, carelessly ate a meal, even if has completed the wedding ceremony.
Remember once met with his wife, I was her home town there work, perhaps something very strange, the emotions in the eye of the love between two people take root, but doomed to sneak such love to experience baptism, in the hardships and bumped love running journey, constant emotions in met four years after finally go together.Christian Louboutin
Understanding wife is in 1998, when at work, I pay namely 1000 yuan right, wasteful spending, no savings whatsoever, but I was in front of her bombast, must give her a warm home, a permanent dependency happiness. She used to smile, you will by what way to marry me. I remember, once he beat his breast, promising to she says, want to be a ceremonious wedding to witness our love. Only later, just witnessed in the most difficult moment, we are stationed in the hearts of the a long time of truth, and micah in material terms, but never to consider. Really, at the moment, I have to his wife always be guilty, another woman become the bride's face was wreathed proud moment, smile and functions of the cars happiness, I have never been in form to meet her. After all, every woman get married, is it once belonged to our days, but to his wife is concerned, but I mercilessly deprived.Christian Louboutin Boots
When we meet half a year later, his wife's parents after hearing the news, for our union embrace a protest against attitude, they are not trust his beloved daughter with me far away to a hundred miles away, moreover I itself is belong to be constrained in the society of youth, besides them to my life, at the time know nothing did not have enough material conditions to prove that can make their daughter live a happy life, naturally, the wife figure in my sight. However, his wife always away from me and dozens of miles away home, secretly call me, tell me contact way, so, love or in concealed condition.
Maybe god doesn't make the United States, I left that place of business and far to shaanxi well-being of the city to work, and then girlfriend interrupted long connection, later learned that her parents introduced her to an object, a local rich family, but she always turns its back to the other party, or is refus not, her parents also gave her, only the underlying, that man still come to her house, she is far away, until the other away to get back home. At that time, always think our home feeling will be realistic life, always in a rout once mutually to match in farewell once was in love. At that time the girlfriend, to give me confidence encouragement, not far from a great distance, alone, she came to ankang on their way to experience transfer etc. Car, but love lets her relentlessness. Three short days I told myself, must FengFengGuangGuang of marry her. But in her parents know and I meet after our only contact also cut off, then call and answer the phone people always now, from her mother-in-law adult extremely gentle tone, I feel my in to her daughter, is the biggest threat.
Maybe love this thing, always very oddness, she has an unwritten law, not all love is established on the basis of the material, and in the half a year later, when the girlfriend, she walks don't care about whether I have nothing at all, whether in the future has a long dependency happiness life, she could walk apart a few miles away place called me and told me that she has been maintained. And then got a girlfriend telephone, that I went to her house, to her parents vindicate, I picked from her home. I have no hesitation, then from shaanxi to catch up, zhuji this place after you get off, is at one o 'clock, rode to her that location and 3am. In the mountains, I only in accordance with his girlfriend told by position call a taxi stopped hill waiting for the advent of dawn dawn after several villages along one in the village, inquire girlfriend finally met after half year girlfriend, four eyes relatively, but all things are not as we imagine that can join forward. Hence, I dim and return. His girlfriend's parents to completely interrupt between us all, were sent her is thousands of miles away, mudanjiang, uncle. But distance is not the killer of love, we always relying on the telephone wire, for the love we tell all live reason.
Returned to his hometown yiwu, it is summer day, I believe that year's summer is hot like fire, but love sparks in that moment before blossomming more perfect, the wife tell me, mudanjiang to meet her, she must follow me. I sit a nearly 40 hours by train, in yiwu to Shanghai trying to shenyang, from shenyang backing to Harbin, and then from Harbin to mudanjiang, finally came to belong to now wife is located. Spoke by telephone, haven't seen his wife's arrival, the original her brother-in-law who took a stool to sit by the door, is determined not to let her out to see me, saying is responsible to her parents. Six hours of waiting, helpless and helpless, only in return for 40 hours journey memorial our love. I always thought that, between us all have ended, our future is terminated, our love is terminated, it will only future life is in the process of a memory. But love, but you can't because time and distance, age, rich and exist. Just before I took the hopeless love, my girlfriend in my back after a month appear in front of my eyes.Christian Louboutin Sandals
There is no car, no house, no diamond ring, and no wedding, I finished with girlfriend everyone need to experience the life process, love end point, home of the watch. In the day that she received her door, I don't have any on matter can be proud of things, only that a string of the roaring firecrackers, witnessed our emotional destnation, because of love, naked divorced and did not. With his wife's words, now have, do not represent the future, Not now, do not represent the future or not. Naked marriage right, true love for all who love insist, as long as you believe your lover, can give you happiness, can give you the loyalty of a marriage.


Brokenhearted friends see

Who did not disappointed of time, who will not happy, if all cheer up, in fact just like. So-called happy is day by day, not happy is day by day, why not happy over each day!Christian Louboutin Boots
Brokenhearted of painful though by on the face of it, like a situation is differ, content complex. But seriously speaking, but are also very simple - but because lookers-on, cannot back a few steps, more a bit farther to calm observation, or one problem though fully knowing the focus, it happened with yourself stubborn refusal to admit.Just like someone put eyes nailed on kaleidoscope, points out is really illusion, put some pieces of broken glass as really continous embroider world. Also people although well has put kaleidoscope debunking, knew the content just so so. But prefer more than in a delay for a moment, the mysterious or inexplicably hope oneself that understand the judgment was wrong, but still in unrepentant.For example: some sir brokenhearted, he knew she love him. So, he said, "come on! Let him! I already happy." It seems that he is wise enough to wield swords, beheaded comet in theemotions to like.But after a week, but he and confused up. He said: "I don't know why she gave me the cold shoulder. First, she told me is very good, very concern, very affectionate. I invited her to play, buy her things, she all accept. But then why she cold?... someone must have abetting her, someone speaks ill of me..."Then the gentleman said: "I want to write a letter to her, go to ask to see. Although she has for a long time has not return I believe. However, she may not have received the letter, perhaps others hid themselves..." He tried to make yourself believe in the world is really kaleidoscope.The third week, he scolds her girlfriend ungrateful.The first four weeks, he put his girlfriend to her last letter to let me see, he said: "look! She what mean? She said she unworthy I, did she politely? Why is she for such kind...?"It is a picture of the best brokenhearted of person like painting.You don't laugh at him, when you brokenhearted, unavoidable also such loft-bed, ask the answer.It is not wise not clever. Because, this is the first one thing; love Unrequited love more easily to make person lost their wisdom, few people in at the last moment when really get over it.However, "hard" should have a limit.Since everyone may encounter or encountered brokenhearted of pain and sufferings, so that there must be someone more natural and unrestrained, can early one step behind. And some people, however, seemed chi foreignnization, not only refused to back off, but instead as soon as possible to the hard cold fact there q:"Famously u-turning on, not too spineless?" (he thought it was doing wrestling competition.Or "again go to continue to chase chase to see?" (don't succeed example Tony, though.Moreover, he finally return will ask: "so, I want revenge, how to retaliate?"For those who can soon stop lovelorn, who I needn't have to suggest he nothing. For the latter, but I will provide them some advice:You know what? "Since knowingly brokenhearted, it must immediately unswerving".There are some things can fix up, and in love, if the other side is not the same feelings to repay you, which is in contempt you secretly.In such cases, she no longer and you stand on the fate of the status of phase. If you simply let go, for she never go and GuLian, she instead slowly will think you are noble and honorable.This is your only in her heart to get good position of opportunities.If you've already can have her forget, that's all. If you defy spirit, also can change grief into strength, in their wrath she admiring the hand to diligently enterprising - be it knowledge, is a career, or money.Please believe that where there is a will there is a way. Take 10 years of kung fu, you will make her on your socks off, that she regret an eye don't know mount taishan, And then you already successful, love it or not love or victory has become you.You or thought I was at empty talk or variously. But, if you are willing to temporarily believe me, the sad emotion aside, earnest effort to try and proved by, I'm sure you'll get proof.Many things, such as how to look beyond the gain and loss, such as can see open a bit, you will get a different conclusion.A person who doesn't love oneself reluctantly bargaining is a bitter; And if you never have a way to make her sooner or later find your value and the respectable place word, why don't you try a tested?You should know, even talk about "revenge", which is one of the most time, most poise of revenge. Don't believe it, and you just think about it "zhu buy minister divorces his wife before" and "horse splashed the story of" good.When zhu buy princes in shame anger, if buy bottles denitration QiangShui and he the wife perish together, we can't see "before the horse splashed out great fast heart" of the good.As to say, when brokenhearted, still may continue to work hard to chase chase, see, this is still a wrong-headed ideas.I think in love, "after" one way is simply a difficult convergence method, Especially for a originally for you will have to be suspicious or prejudice people, mostly only the farther the chase. Because since you've followed for a long time, haven't overtake, and the distance between you is more and more big, the other side "visible feet cheng" faster than you, the potential uneven force defeat situations, you are difficult to overtake her.Bacon said: "love is very easy test. If the other party not in the same love to return you, which is secretly in contempt you."This is a very sensible sober words, the spectator is unspeakable. Authorities in emotional veiled under, always want to be exceptions to admit he in their heart, and have no weight.The ancients says: "instead of the pond, be inferior to return home and make the nets." To you the beauty of the object, mere envy dream is useless.You must understand that you catch bear her because you lack can catch her conditions. So when you disappointed of time, also is that you "return home and make nets".Of course, put your desire, which was anxious to get the "fish", and to get back to weave the trouble of "net", you are very reluctantly. But you have to admit that, if you do not have the proper tools, you'll never get her."Nets although trouble, though need patience and time, But as long as kung fu arrives, you of nets formed, and then you will have the absolute master can take what you like fish.You may try so hard to say, "at that time, she would have been others sludge walk!"Yes, that is possible. But, you know, the fish in the water a lot, and I believe, when you have a strong nets, you already approveth not originally the fish!A man has sufficient conditions after picking the specimen, it is ok to pick your beloved fish, why only looked at the fish worry?


Spring is coming

Spring comes, TianTian lost for 10 months. I put BaiJie and blessing treasure as a family, they also took me for depend on. I believe that my brother TianTian is a place, be good intention caretakers, then till I find him.
I didn't find TianTian. F treasure to find his parents. BaiJie stories were television a reporter discovered, has made a film, broadcast out quickly, blessing of treasure parents find. F treasure was brought back to that day, I and BaiJie all cried sparse inside hua. F treasure step back, shouted three sisters. BaiJie said: elder sister will go to see you, you be good, don't always want to play games.
F treasure nodded. Run far away, and ran back, pull BaiJie hand and hand a few cents slipped her, this is me to buy you cake of...
BaiJie put his arm around the blessing treasure, I recall those days, blessing treasure always DaoGu through my sister's birthday is coming words. Although they were god bitten apple, had defect, but they also is a pure white angel, or, in their world, love and hatred are more simple and direct some, you good for him, he will be good for you.
I quietly wipe away tears, of the cheeks TianTian, also meet somebody like family love him?
I told BaiJie to orphanage volunteering, I managed to get on with quartered lines fill my eyes love spreading out, hopes to the body at a particular TianTian exchange for the same love.
Summer comes, daughter and her husband have joined the volunteer army. That day, we still always talks about TianTian. I no longer think he met bad hysteria. His daughter: mom, you are the world's good a lot more? I carefully thought for a daughter of words, know BaiJie this time, I really a lot less complain, can use warm eyes looking at the world.
I started learning to build a web site, such as retarded relatives TianTian back, I don't was hidden in the home, I wanted to take him to make some friends. My future must be and TianTian together.
Occasionally receiving relevant with quartered lines fill my eyes clues, I never gave up just a little hope. Early that morning, I got BaiJie telephone, her voice said the chatter: elder sister, blessing treasure mom said, from their village 40 in jixian in a village on the outskirts of town, took a child, she called with quartered lines fill my eyes to see the, with your meaner walshman photograph on the as...
My tears streaming down the face freely down, I know, the kindness of seeds, finally blossomed...



Evening, with two classmates eat together. The dinner, male classmate say his recent something sweet things.
He had a friend, a decade ago, because fight miss hurt and penal three years. After coming out, former unit is can't go back and find work repeatedly rolled around, business and lack of capital, the classmate feeling generous, lend him $100,000, he used the 100,000 dollars to buy a first equipment, two years later, he bought a second, and then build workshop, expand, boil present assets million.
Without me, which have him today! Classmate say, however, in the day before yesterday, I let him some parts, his processing, but the price is higher than to others, I grieved which, this kind of person, how so conscienceless, don't know Thanksgiving? ! Zaozhiruci, when I say what also not to help him! Students more say more angry, drank light a large glass of wine, eye aglow.
I listened to, also gravamen, said this man, let him sooner or later.
See the two of us angry, the female classmate, but only drink her tea. I asked a way: "why don't you angry?"
Female classmate say, your mood, I understand, if change my past life, will also like you guys to anger, but then there is one thing that changed my, give me deeply comprehension, is I was fifteen years old daughter.
My daughter from four years old began to learn the piano, by the age of nine, with excellent performance is a Shanghai art school admissions, in her professional piano class, my daughter, is the best one of, the teacher said, she, born to be playing the piano in the material. She deskmate, is also a girl, that girl, plays the piano well, after my daughter, plus background gao gan family, so very, very proud, my daughter was kind to her nothing but the best showed her share, every time I go to Shanghai, take my daughter travel, also bring her, can say, I gave his daughter what, also give her what to buy. Christian Louboutin Flats
Once, see daughter, seeing his daughter is giving the girl piano tutorship, the daughter said, in some detail, she always makes a mistake, she must help her change it. In order to help her daughter to sacrifice a lot of their practice time.
In an exam, this girl, unexpectedly exceeded my daughter. Unexpected happened, this girl, take awards to my daughter see, say: "you see, you also teach me, actually, I originally than when you play it well!" Before this, my daughter to her borrow a difficult to buy opern, she actually say, I can't find it - she is afraid my daughter will have a far more than her.
I was very angry, for her daughter's pay nothing, and she helps people, was so selfish.
My daughter, but be like nothing had happened.
I ask: "don't you don't angry?" The daughter said, "mommy, why should I angry?" I say: "you at the outset handshake-and help her, but she has this appearance repay you." Daughter smiled and said a words, I'll never forget. Christian Louboutin Boots
She say: "mother, I help her, have never thought to let her return me, difficult way you help a person, the inside of the heart is not very happy? I've got the best reward." Daughter say that finish, so her piano, it was a classic pieces, postmeridian sunshine on daughter body, daughter like a glow of angels, halcyon enron.
I was shocked, my daughter, when become such transcendent? In this respect, she's my teacher. I am also very happy, because she has a heart of an angel heart, have this heart, she in later life, it will not be for some personnel have trouble, this isn't the best return?Christian Louboutin Pumps
Listen to the words of female classmate, and we were silent for a long time, sometimes, we adults, really as children.


Life is like to do futures

Mention of the investment, people think of money with money, that is, how much capital, invested in a certain respect, earn much profit. The starting point seems to investment capital is in the hands of the investment and the destination is the principal and interest of the entire investment is money begets money activities. In fact, life is the starting point of the initial investment is not money but time, each person the most basic, most primitive of the resource is time, money, a matter of time derivatives. Therefore, the personal resources can be divided into two types: one is the original resource, another is a derivative of resources. A man came into the world, no matter what he has created a miracle, the original resources are the same, is his time. Although people have money, friends, knowledge, technology, etc., which are derived from the time, are derived resources. Personal investment, first of all how to use the original resources. That is derived from the original how resources into resources, into which the derived resources; followed by the use of derived resources, including the gain in terms of how to better use the funds to earn more profits. The original resources are limited, life will add up so much time. The time has to be divided into two parts: the time for consumption, the other part is the time for investment. A lot of time for investment use, is used to make friends, is used to make money, or used to learn the knowledge, skills, or will be used to get hold of the official when so, this is the original resource input method. Here there is a comparison of your time each unit is cost-effective to do business, or to make friends with cost-effective, or cost-effective knowledge and skills to learn. This involves the pursuit of your life, that is what your investment objectives; also related to your investment skills, that you make money by doing business directly or through indirect learning skills or money to make friends. Pursuit of different individuals, the use of time is not the same; of money, technology, friends, etc. the use of derived resources are not the same. The money for the main goal in life, whether original or derivative use of resources, the use of resources, must focus on the money round and round. His original resource is used to direct business to make money, or to learn new skills, make friends indirectly make money, to see which way to make money fast; what he learned technique, which make friends, it also depends on whether the benefit of making money. Making money useless knowledge, skills, will not learn, making money is not helpless friends submitted. If the pursuit of life, not primarily to make money, but the officer, the original use of resources and derived resources are spinning around the promotion. Little effect on the promotion of knowledge, skills not science, not of much help to the promotion's friends will not cross, one of a derived resources - money, use, and promotion services as far as possible. Some things in life are both derived resources, but also the pursuit of life goals. Such as money, knowledge, office, friends, etc., which itself is the goal of life is that people pursue other goals. Some people make money is the goal of life, and some people make money is a means to achieve other goals, and some people to learn more knowledge as its goal to pursue, it was also the study of knowledge as money, promotion or well-known ladder; have people to make friends as a means of making money or promotion. Time to generate money, knowledge, skills, friends and other derived resources, derived resources are interchangeable, can also be converted to time. With money, you can learn more knowledge, skills, you can make more friends; have the knowledge, skills, can make more money, you can make more friends; with friends can help you make money, but also can help you learn knowledge, learn skills and so on. Life time is limited, how much for the money, how much for the knowledge, skills, which is a basic investment decisions is the basis for personal investment. Determined in this major investment decisions, the rest is given time how to make money, how to learn the knowledge, how to make friends, this is a personal investment expertise. Successful personal investment,Christian Louboutinshoes we must first make the original allocation of resources fundamental investment decisions, then have to master the knowledge of the investment profession. Whether the goal is to determine the investment in life, or the basic resources of the original investment decision, first of all have their own internal and external conditions to make the right judgments. Some people think an officer his life, to an officer put all his time and wisdom, but in the end did not even mixed with a chief; also some people a lifetime to earn money, busy all day long in business, but even feed their families are difficult, not only does not make money, but back a debt. The overall investment in these people are unsuccessful. The reason, some may be making money or promotion and other aspects of professional skills to master is not good, but some basic investment decisions may be wrong, that is not good grasp of their strengths, to identify life goals and the original use of resources inappropriate. For example, some people are born is not an official of the material, he has chosen to to an official target, and to all the time and energy to the officer on demand; some people are born than expected in business, he put her all original resources are sent to the mall on. Life is short, time to so many, what to do, everyone in the calculations. But whether the figure was accurate, in addition to the right of self-understanding and superb professional investment techniques, changes in external factors are also important. Changes in these external factors, sometimes it difficult to grasp. Therefore, life is like to do futures as an investment. The so-called futures do is invest in the future. For example, I pay the next, next August to buy 1 kg of wheat, catty dollar. August next year, wheat is a dollar a pound, now do not know. At that time, if more than one dollar, such as 1.5 yuan per catty, it earned; Christian louboutin Black if less than one dollar, such as 0.6 yuan per kilogram, it would lose out. In short is a bet on the future. In fact, all of my life doing futures. People every day in the next single, large single, a small single. Make a new friend is the next one, learn a profession is the next single, elect a girlfriend and even his wife, but also the next single. A list down, may make you rich for life, it may make you bankrupt. The following is a list whether the Right, success is not successful, sometimes depending on their own judgments, and sometimes depends on many unpredictable factors. In fact, everyone I have a life of their own futures to do: you use a few years, months or days of the time spent on this matter, may achieve great results, it may accomplish nothing, wasted; You Xin It took four years of hard hard time reading an undergraduate, back a few million in debt after graduation found that the knowledge you learn is simply no use, four years of time wasted; you struggled in the official life, to see people are humble, never afraid to say a word out loud, in the end, even a chief did not mix, because you are not fit for an officer;Christian Louboutin you put a lot of time and money, paid for the one you think iron is a friend But it is precisely this friend ruin your life; you spend seven to eight hours post-school singing, morning and afternoon, gone through hardships, you find after graduation, fewer and fewer people watch a movie, you have to go and people to see the door, etc. and so on. Money is a means of life, A life is not no money. Terror and poverty will make you feel lonely and make you unable to move. But needs to pursue more than their life outside of money, it will sacrifice some of the more valuable. While many find themselves rich, "leaving only the poor money" when we come to realize even more that the money should be more meaningful life's work-product, not the value of life itself.


No friends not sad, sad thing is that losing their

This is while, I come across many issues about friendship, so I suddenly feel that friendship in the eyes of some people share the weight, it seems that I usually have in mind than to be many times more. I found that annoying and soul into for the friendship, there are two factors in mind. One factor is the lonely, the other factor is the lack of confidence too.Christian Louboutin So lonely life of a man put all the focus is on friendship, the lack of confidence makes a person worry about the outcome of the friendship to be added to the extent of the friendship that once lost, they find themselves. No one does not know important, but, in my experience that a few friends for friendship, and annoying, I think, if a person is too dependent on friendship,Christian Louboutin Pumps he is not derived from the friendship happy, but more distress. We often talk stressed that "a person to happiness lies in the other people, all inevitably be disappointed." The "others" includes all people - friends, parents, children, couples, all friends ... and should. Love of friends, you can. As a friend to give up everything, it is worth! However, you can not own. Not only have our own, and to trust yourself! Therefore, I always believe that we all want to amend an idea, I would advise you not to always take the initiative to seek friendship, but for the friendship automatically come. Quote the words of a French film, a person who had many friends, no friends! You can attract each other with friends in a position, it is best for yourself first with sufficient conditions to attract friends. In other words, we should first equip themselves so that they have light. Thus, in making friends, you can only enter and attack back to defend, you will not worry for the friendship strained, not all day long. In other words, use the appeal to make friends, and not charity favors or flattering way to find friends. Do not expect everyone to your friends, friendship should run its course. Love of friends, like friends, with the sincerity to treat a friend, but do not rely on friends, not demanding friend. You can do this a few friends can enjoy the happiness. Another tip is to maintain friendship "keep their distance." Better no matter how two people to each other the respect that point should always be indispensable. Many people, friends and a familiar to without distinction of. That point when the original understanding of politeness and sense of proportion nor attention. Friend to each other without respect, courtesy and propriety do not pay attention when on the verge of misunderstanding and friction.Christian Louboutin Boots


How do lean people gain weight this winter?

Quarter of the human body sweat less, and digestive juice secretion, gastrointestinal function in the best condition, good appetite, digestion and absorption capacity is also the strongest of the season all year round. Thus diet "Feiganhouwei" can easily converted into body fat; winter cold stimulation, the body will cause reflex increase in subcutaneous fat,Christian Louboutin Pumps because fat is the body's barrier against the cold. All of these internal and external environmental factors are as lean people gain weight in winter long and create favorable conditions for strong.
Thin test a person is fat or thin is not measured by the eye can see, according to the following formula to work out whether they thin out the number of points with height in cm minus 100 and multiplied by 0.9, the answer is that I weigh. Such as individual 180 cm tall, the standard weight is (180-100) × 0.9 = 72 kg, lower or higher than 10% of standard body weight are all normal. If the actual weight of your body weight more than 10% below standard, we must consider whether the slim. Pleasant stay thin men and women in the diet, there are a lot of picky eaters, and favoritism. Therefore, we should get rid of these bad habits, increasing dietary intake, meals should be rich and varied. Eat more carbohydrates, pasta and most effective, in addition, high protein foods, vegetables and fruit, Less, normally separated from those who have to mouth healthy snacks such as peanuts, candy, etc., drinking beer and drink fruit juice is also good idea. Adequate intake of protein in the case, advised to eat some fat, carbohydrates (ie starch, sugar, etc.) than the rich food. This excess energy can be converted to fat storage in the skin, making it thin by robust body. Christian Louboutin Weak thin gastrointestinal function, you can choose chicken, duck, fish, sheep's liver to eat, In addition, fish are also easy to digest and absorb. This increase in energy intake of lean people gain weight is a long and strong, plump fit and material basis. Because the winter cold and stimulation can make the body hormone, epinephrine, norepinephrine secretion, lean subjects that are even more strongly. The result of the increased secretion of these hormones will promote and accelerate the decomposition of energy to meet the needs of the body heat against the cold. Less body weight loss the body's energy storage, thermal process that produced mostly by the energy needed to heat the food intake. Therefore, intake of lean people have more energy than the average in order to have the extra heat energy is converted into body fat.


Heart to heart, love Seamless

Every Saturday afternoon, they will appear in this way. His deep-set eyes, two gray eyes motionless, which made his eyes look empty frightening. Zhu crutch his right hand, slender body slightly forward, his left hand resting on her shoulders. Her petite, lithe gait, if not his hand pressing his shoulder, presumably to go faster. But she maintained the same sum of his pace, one after the two tied up, walked to the supermarket. Away from the nearest supermarket to their home, the weekend total merchandise discount. So, every weekend they rush to purchase. Day, as usual, he and she out of the supermarket door, he will stick to the shoulder, carry, stand in front of her head held high. She skillfully to one after two plastic bags hung on his shoulders the crutches, then slipped the other two heavy bags hidden in the back. Christian Louboutin That he gets his hand on his shoulder ready to go home. He stood there, leaning on crutches, his right hand: his left hand from her shoulder all the way to explore Finally, the accuracy of her hand, "pay" under the two shopping bags. His only test the waters bags, and touch would only find out to buy a new paper fans handed her, then, these two shopping bags hung one after his own walking stick, this pat her shoulder and motioned to go. She smiles tenderly, mouth Lao Gao Qiao, stride forward meekly. Sun Yu Wei unabated, the weather was stifling hot. Had not gone far, his clothes are wet. Liu children close to her sweaty forehead, so she was almost blinded. Liu children to her ear from time to time after the rope, walk a few steps, then turned a few of his fan wind. He still Palei her, then gently press with your fingers to her shoulder, urged her to hurry to get somewhere fast. So, she turned around, steps towards crushing pace. An intersection to another home. At this time, the sun has disappeared, the breeze gently blowing breeze. Only a very small number of pedestrians on the road, in front of a red light, she led him standing on the zebra crossing waiting to cross the road at one end. Christian Louboutin Flats Green light of the moment, like a sport utility vehicle surged forward as quick-tempered hot head, the steering wheel seems to fail, and actually rushed straight to them. She was unaware of impending disaster behind, but added that he heard the unusual "crunch" sound, suddenly push her right - turn to the side of the sport utility vehicle, the car's bumper will hang him, but also heavily to He dropped. Walking stick on his shoulders thrown a few meters, the shopping bag of things to pieces to scatter. He back of the head touch the ground, his head smashes a big hole, turning to braving the blood, pain that he was covered limp, but he crawl rather, open hands in the air Flurry, and use weak voice her by name! Separated a few meters away, she saw a way to survive is spread beneath him. She wanted to run over to help him up, his legs like a shrub can be a lead, simply lose control. The driver was also injured, unconscious in the cab. Passers-by to help fight the "120" and called the police, but no one dared to move him up to her. In this way, she and he, although in close proximity, but as distant horizon. He is still moving inch by inch, she wanted to tell him that he is still alive, do not waste physical find her, throat, unable to pronounce a voice. Later, she saw the falls side of the paper fan. So she picked up the paper fan, threw in the past. Unfortunately, paper fan too light, fall short of a half meters away from his place, but he seemed to sense something, groping and forward Nuele Nue. She turned and found a thin sausage. This is something she likes, but reluctant to buy, but he said a few days is her birthday, eat a good point, he just bought a few. She grabbed the sausage throwing in the past. This time, sausages hit his shoulder. "She hurt a man like that, he also used to throw things, that fear is a crazy woman!" Crowd of people whispering to each other to talk with, and she threw a sausage - he fumbled, threw her a sausage Root picked up, Jin Jinzuan in his hand. Ten minutes later, emergency vehicles roar, the car will be medical staff rushed her; She shook her head waved, then pointed at the other side of the man eagerly. Thus, men were asked to save the car. Someone in the crowd exclaimed: "So she is a mute, which means that sign language better than I re-injured his first save him!" Fractures of her legs, and he, as a serious brain injury into the jaws of death. The doctor said he created a medical miracle of the amount of blood loss cases, escape from support for so long.Christian Louboutin Boots He said that a miracle was not his creation, but his dumb wife. If not, she was always throwing things at him, encouraged him to take heart. He probably has always already were killed. He was also surprised at the blind case, the escape from the moment the disaster strikes, accurate and quick to push her away from danger. He was just scratching his head Oh Han Xiao. Asked a worried, only murmured: "I do not know, maybe, might be feeling it." Love trace. Even if I never look into your loving face, even if you never personally say "I love you", but our hearts beat together loved series, and even death, will be discouraged!