There is love, naked divorced and did not

Whenever see grand wedding, his wife always feeling greatly: in this life, I haven't tried to do the bride's taste. Yes, want to 10 years ago, oneself in all aspects and again in business repeatedly fought and lost, owe brushstroke butt debt, now wife or costomers happy became my woman. That day, no wedding, nor luxurious banquets, just please two friends from 100 miles apart, the wife home her connect to come over and put a string of firecrackers, carelessly ate a meal, even if has completed the wedding ceremony.
Remember once met with his wife, I was her home town there work, perhaps something very strange, the emotions in the eye of the love between two people take root, but doomed to sneak such love to experience baptism, in the hardships and bumped love running journey, constant emotions in met four years after finally go together.Christian Louboutin
Understanding wife is in 1998, when at work, I pay namely 1000 yuan right, wasteful spending, no savings whatsoever, but I was in front of her bombast, must give her a warm home, a permanent dependency happiness. She used to smile, you will by what way to marry me. I remember, once he beat his breast, promising to she says, want to be a ceremonious wedding to witness our love. Only later, just witnessed in the most difficult moment, we are stationed in the hearts of the a long time of truth, and micah in material terms, but never to consider. Really, at the moment, I have to his wife always be guilty, another woman become the bride's face was wreathed proud moment, smile and functions of the cars happiness, I have never been in form to meet her. After all, every woman get married, is it once belonged to our days, but to his wife is concerned, but I mercilessly deprived.Christian Louboutin Boots
When we meet half a year later, his wife's parents after hearing the news, for our union embrace a protest against attitude, they are not trust his beloved daughter with me far away to a hundred miles away, moreover I itself is belong to be constrained in the society of youth, besides them to my life, at the time know nothing did not have enough material conditions to prove that can make their daughter live a happy life, naturally, the wife figure in my sight. However, his wife always away from me and dozens of miles away home, secretly call me, tell me contact way, so, love or in concealed condition.
Maybe god doesn't make the United States, I left that place of business and far to shaanxi well-being of the city to work, and then girlfriend interrupted long connection, later learned that her parents introduced her to an object, a local rich family, but she always turns its back to the other party, or is refus not, her parents also gave her, only the underlying, that man still come to her house, she is far away, until the other away to get back home. At that time, always think our home feeling will be realistic life, always in a rout once mutually to match in farewell once was in love. At that time the girlfriend, to give me confidence encouragement, not far from a great distance, alone, she came to ankang on their way to experience transfer etc. Car, but love lets her relentlessness. Three short days I told myself, must FengFengGuangGuang of marry her. But in her parents know and I meet after our only contact also cut off, then call and answer the phone people always now, from her mother-in-law adult extremely gentle tone, I feel my in to her daughter, is the biggest threat.
Maybe love this thing, always very oddness, she has an unwritten law, not all love is established on the basis of the material, and in the half a year later, when the girlfriend, she walks don't care about whether I have nothing at all, whether in the future has a long dependency happiness life, she could walk apart a few miles away place called me and told me that she has been maintained. And then got a girlfriend telephone, that I went to her house, to her parents vindicate, I picked from her home. I have no hesitation, then from shaanxi to catch up, zhuji this place after you get off, is at one o 'clock, rode to her that location and 3am. In the mountains, I only in accordance with his girlfriend told by position call a taxi stopped hill waiting for the advent of dawn dawn after several villages along one in the village, inquire girlfriend finally met after half year girlfriend, four eyes relatively, but all things are not as we imagine that can join forward. Hence, I dim and return. His girlfriend's parents to completely interrupt between us all, were sent her is thousands of miles away, mudanjiang, uncle. But distance is not the killer of love, we always relying on the telephone wire, for the love we tell all live reason.
Returned to his hometown yiwu, it is summer day, I believe that year's summer is hot like fire, but love sparks in that moment before blossomming more perfect, the wife tell me, mudanjiang to meet her, she must follow me. I sit a nearly 40 hours by train, in yiwu to Shanghai trying to shenyang, from shenyang backing to Harbin, and then from Harbin to mudanjiang, finally came to belong to now wife is located. Spoke by telephone, haven't seen his wife's arrival, the original her brother-in-law who took a stool to sit by the door, is determined not to let her out to see me, saying is responsible to her parents. Six hours of waiting, helpless and helpless, only in return for 40 hours journey memorial our love. I always thought that, between us all have ended, our future is terminated, our love is terminated, it will only future life is in the process of a memory. But love, but you can't because time and distance, age, rich and exist. Just before I took the hopeless love, my girlfriend in my back after a month appear in front of my eyes.Christian Louboutin Sandals
There is no car, no house, no diamond ring, and no wedding, I finished with girlfriend everyone need to experience the life process, love end point, home of the watch. In the day that she received her door, I don't have any on matter can be proud of things, only that a string of the roaring firecrackers, witnessed our emotional destnation, because of love, naked divorced and did not. With his wife's words, now have, do not represent the future, Not now, do not represent the future or not. Naked marriage right, true love for all who love insist, as long as you believe your lover, can give you happiness, can give you the loyalty of a marriage.