Riviera Club 2011 spring album

Like this style of photography, I even words don't want to write,

Lest superfluous words will affect everyone go to experience this group of pictures of artistic conception


High heels woman” care Raiders

High heels women’s stomach (Source: photo media)

High heels women’s stomach

Situation one: approaching the end of endless late at night, stomach pain; a variety of entertainment followed, Tuibeihuanzhan between the stomach; to lose weight, eat fruit and seafood, eat an apple every night, did not adhere to a month, stomach pains.

Situation two: the morning time is tight, no time to eat breakfast at the table next to the calm, casually eating slices of bread to deal with.Lunch, a cup of strong coffee, a package saves time and effort.

Expert analysis: white women now a high incidence of stomach, in addition to long-term mental stress causes, but diet is also an important factor in the lack of science. Business meals, meat, nutritional imbalance, such as some Western package, often a piece of grilled steak, a loaf of bread, plus rare, raw vegetables, the type and quantity of vegetables is not enough. And lunch time is short, eat fast, do not have time to slowly, very Shang Wei.

In addition, they rarely cook at home for their delicious meals, and often rely on yogurt, fruit meet the dinner.

Tips: buy an electric cooker, the morning the Tang Bao, set a good time, come back at night there is a ready-made soup, adding some fruit, vegetables, staple food, dinner, easy to eat a nutritious. Ruddy make more soup, and not fat. Meat soup, vegetarian soup Bianzhuohuayang drink. Meat soup should the oil floating on the surface of Piediao.

In addition, in the office can put some “healthy snacks”, such as fortified cereal chips, almonds, raisins, bananas, pineapple, seaweed, Shugan. You can also put some “health drinks”, such as jujubepowder, pure orange juice, black sesame paste.

High heels woman’s heart (Source: photo media)

High heels women’s heart

Situation one: depressed mood, anxiety, irritability, restlessness, loss of interest in daily activities, there is no pleasant feeling, all day anxious, worried, energy loss, often feel persistent fatigue.

Situation two: save hundreds of phone numbers but no one can talk heart to heart and their own. More and more women can not find friends to talk, meet friends after work has its own life, busy with work, to face, who would not easily go to disturb the others.

Expert analysis: some “high heels woman” to work in the office, air conditioning, computers, intense work pace, vigorous and resolute walk and speech rate, as high heels, “blah” knock the floor clear voice, no clear-cut .

Loner, a narrow circle of personal life. A serious shortage of manual labor. Long-term brain tension, character aloof, wary of strong, cold.

Tips: choose a time to take off high heels every day to exercise, it is best to go in nature, take the initiative to meet like-minded friends, find their own circles, often engaged in activities show love, be easy to and inner height of the “elevation” are down, and back to leading a poor Youyanjiangcu ordinary tea.


Louboutin Shoes – Never Go Out of Style

They don’t scream out, "Hey, can be found glance at me, I’m a artist shoe". Even although they have their signature red-colored sole, they are not really a walking advertisement. They can be found in so several styles and prints; there is typically a shoe for each and every occasion. Louboutin shoes turn an normal outfit in to a thing extraordinary. each and every woman dreams of opening her closet doors and seeing shelf pursuing shelf pursuing shelf of those shoes. a tremendous selection of pairs of Louboutin shoes of her very own, from sandals to attractive sky considerable pumps. If this really is each and every woman’s desire why aren’t the streets filled with ladies placing on these extraordinary shoes? reliable artist shoes can reselling price a at lowest of 5 hundred bucks a pair with some costing a thousand bucks or more. it may be considered a develop for most ladies to can be found to possess the ability to afford even just one pair. That is why sensible ladies consider their bucks and use it precisely where they are able to get probably the most for it, logging on to on the net stores precisely where replica shoes could possibly be ordered for just about any fraction using the price. The glance so very much such as the reliable Louboutin shoes, you’ll desire to purchase much more and using the bucks you save, offered that you just can!

Shoes undoubtedly are a needed accessory; they safeguard your ft from any element that is near to the ground. Just offered which they serve like a protective barrier among your ft along using the soil doesn’t signify they can’t be trendy and fun. regardless of whether you are finding ready for just about any evening near to the town, walking reducing in the direction of corner store, or steering to some Sunday brunch, which shoes you choose says a complete whole lot about you. These shoes say that you just like design but you’re not snotty or stuck up. if you suit on Louboutin shoes you are saying that you just retain your eyesight on fashion, you understand what the hottest trends are as well as you are not afraid to duplicate them. you understand what adds that even more a thing to merely a tiny dark dress, what turns all those lounging jeans into hip casual suit on and what completes that spring outfit. you understand its Louboutin shoes. offered the fact that reliable Louboutin shoes are as well expensive, ladies then make the conscious work and change to probably the most sought pursuing replicas.


Gisele Bundchen for Balenciaga Spring 2011 Campaign

Gisele Bundchen models in Balenciaga Spring 2011 Campaign. 30-year-old Brazilian bombshell is sporting a very different look in the Balenciaga campaign. Photographed bySteven Meisel, Gisele is flaunting androgynous look in the new shoot that also features male model Yuri Pleskun who is dressed in ghostly makeup.

gisele balenciaga spring 2011 campaign

With makeup by Pat McGrath, hair by Guido Palau, Gisele Bundchen BalenciagaCampaign features her channeling the boyish punk spirit with choppy wig. Gisele also walked in Balenciaga Spring 2011 Fashion Show flaunting Nicolas Ghesquière’s latest collection.

Styled by Marie – Amelie Sauve Bundchen’s Spring Summer 2011 campaign looks unique. What’s your take on Gisele’s different look? HIT or MISS?


When you carry not when studying again

1, the backer mountain would pour, by everybody will be run, only oneself is the most reliable.
2 no man, no, walk you lifetime, so you want to adapt to loneliness, and no one will help you a lifetime, so you have to struggle through life.
3, and use the tears remorse today, as with sweat hard today.
4 and when tears do, leave should be strong.
5, life is like a cup of coffee without sugar, drink up is bitter, but have long aftertaste up not recede the notes.
6, a fate, and go all out to become scenery, have the heart, adhere to China is sincere.
7, choose her loved, love oneself have chosen.
8 and the seconds don't give up, next second there is hope.
9, once owned of don't forget, fail to gain more should cherish, belong to own don't give up, do not belong to his don't demand, has lost the reserved for memory.
10, like this treasure, cherish don't give up.
11, life is a journey, not the destination, but the scenery on the way should be and the mood at the view.
12, not than people, but beg surmount oneself, to cry to cry out in tears, to excited smile smile a growing personality.
13 for you, sad and happy is the enemy, for your happiness and joy are friends, for your sad and sad is your best friend.
14 and if love, please deep love. If do not love, please leave.
The first sentence "people are forced out." Everyone is of potential, born in happiness, died of sicknesses, and so when facing pressure, don't focus dryness, perhaps this just life for your little test, believe in yourself, everything can handle, forcing nasty bawcock can liangshan, times hero, poorer people think change, only pressure will have power. As long as the heart has hope exists, is the happiness exists.
Second statement: "if you simple, this world on your simple". Simple life can happiness life, people always happy to self-sufficiency, tolerant magnanimous, anything can not think multifarious, spiritual load heavy and will YuanTian sorrow. To regularly on memory for a delete, the unpleasant things and people from memory, devoid of.
The third sentence: "there is no rehearsa in your life, every day is live". Occasionally thought, if life is like a electronic game, playing bad can choose heavy, what life would be like? Because time is gone forever, every day is not recover, so more will cherish every inch of time, honour thy father and thy mother, love children, considerate lover, good friends.
The fourth sentence: "bosom just like pregnant, time is long can let a person see out". People, never self-righteousness, earth left the who will turn, through the ages, ShiCai unbridled of people come to no good end. So, even if again able, also must remain modest and prudent, completes own things, gold will shine.
The fifth sentence: "the past wine wel know already 1000 cups little, now wine every thousand cups know already less". Not very has no head for wine, experience not wine delicious, but can feel know already beauty. Life without a friend is lonely, incomplete, however, because life is busy, gradually dwindled contact, friendship becomes weak, therefore, spare some time to chat with friends, contact, make friendship with laughter rising, when friends meet difficult problems, must remember to stand up, even if won't help and comfort is also the biggest support.
Sixth sentence: "life if the wrong direction, stop is progress". People, always hard to correct his faults, are always difficult to find their own mistakes, sometimes, knowing it wrong, but wants to stop butcannot, a wrong again wrong, grasp the correct direction and stick to your own principles, a world of temptation many, heaven never falling pies, don't because of covet a happy and pay a painful price, if found wrong, must stop.
The seventh sentence: "two tragedies in life: one is desperation, one is become". Modern man seem particularly fragile, the newspaper reported many celebrities have depression everyday, these people must from one extreme to another extreme. Because of stroke, just believe yourself is perfect, is omnipotent, if by a little frustration, will become extremely low self-worth, even lose courage continue in life. For oneself seek a accurate positioning, enjoy life fun.
The eighth sentence: "life and love is same, missed the love is missed life". What is love? Let us bewilder, let a person is dazzled, the face of love, brave, boldly say their love, a flower 29generations pick straight must pick, mo stay no flower empty fold branches. People always birth and death, how is life, missed the love is missed the best of life.
The ninth sentence: "world rich valentine". Modern society people become increasingly snobbish, love also more and more insignificant, so I have to believe "world rich valentine" to modern love the most accurate description.
The tenth sentence: "to succeed, need a friend, to achieve great success, need enemy". Have a competition to just have development, because had the enemy's existence, because had the so-called determination, will hard completes own thing, so, sometimes, the enemy forces bigger than friends, world there are no eternal enemies, but has a forever friend, sometimes, the enemy can also become friends.


Happiness is simple really

Everyone wants to happiness. She is like a messenger, can let us forget the troubles and pain. There are many people who are born there are many let him happy factors, There are also many people, life seems destined to drift life down and out, with no happiness. However, if you put your mind to search, and will soon find: happiness is simple really.

Happiness is to practice. Happiness is a kind of practice, you can practice acquisition. This is not a secret, the problem is when we have bitterness, to believe that happiness can actually through a skill to acquire, rather than any bad mood bit silkworm bite you. When the mood annoyed, wear sports pajamas, come a two kilometers jogging, let yourself out a sweat, again a hot shower, When encountered work pressure, don't pull a face a day after another snuffling bitter smoke, can go outside, to the blue sky and white clouds, with open arms and a few times long breaths, yell out several loud; You can also on Internet, chats, listen to music, fantasies has won the jackpot... In fact, happiness belongs to each one of us, it may practice. Happiness is up to that time jogging, and in that a deep breath, and in that a paragraph of wonderful music, happy actually very simple.

Happiness is a choice. Heard this story: Mohammed and alibaba are good friends. Once, alibaba played Mohammed a box on the ear, Mohammed very angrily run to the beach wrote: irritating, alibaba played Mohammed a slap. On another occasion, when Mohammed is going to fall cliff, alibaba timely pulled him a. Mohammed was very grateful, so in the stone carving way: irritating, alibaba saved Mohammed life. Alibaba looked puzzled. Mohammed smile and tell him: "I put between you and me is unhappy with misunderstanding wrote in the sand, the hope is it in the waters of the high tide vanished without a trace; I have each other's happiness and friendship in stone, it is to hope it can and stone immortal."

Mohammed is a wise man: he chose happiness, so happiness also chose him. Some people always feel oneself a life full of misfortune and sadness, they wonder why some people always happy every day? In fact, the truth is simple, it is his own choice. Forgive the mistakes of others and to encourage and correct the wrong courage, For their heart remembering every time, and heart filled with gratitude to help. In this way, you will be happy. In fact, happiness is a choice, and happiness in stone, you will always be happy. Happy actually so simple.

Happiness is knows when to give up. Giving up is also a kind of wisdom, knows when to give up you can also found another kind of letting go of happiness. Life is sometimes so, you can't bear you all things I want go through the whole of life. So, if you want to achieve goal, we have to abandon. With the inner irrelevant, displaced thoughts and desires to give up, only you want to reach the goal, so just easy to success. Willing to be willing to part with or use, and give just ridiculous. Everyone can bear the weight of life is certain, if you prematurely loaded with the road, then you must abandon some originally precious thing for other. Life of choice is so not perfect, but it is also true meaning of life. Reduce the burden, give life some trouble, give up some interests, then you can lightly, will be happy and affinity. Happy actually so simple.


Give up toxic love: bee and flower fable

Roses have withered, bees still desperately suck, because it never before this flower suck had sweet. But now, in this flower, bee sucking is poison.

Bees knows it, because poison bitter, and former taste is a big difference. Hence, the bees angery but it a puff would raise my head to the whole world complain, why flavor changed? !

Finally, one day, don't know what the reason that the bee vibration wings and fly, a little high. This time, it found, blasted roses, everywhere is around flowers.

This is the fable about love, is a young Chinese teacher's true feeling.

There was a time, she was brokenhearted, very painful, even thought the other ever loved her, a thought of here is sorrow, a long time she never believe the world still exists "true love."

A few days later, she suddenly say: "I want to see."

Originally, she just from jiuzhaigou back. Brokenhearted of pain is still in her, let her entangled in trance, sick, cannot enjoy the beauty of jiuzhaigou. Casual, she noticed a little bee is a flower on flower-counting. That moment, her mind as the lightning appeared a words: "withered flower, bees can suck to poison."

Of course, nature of small bee won't do that, only then the humanity is so stupid, she this sentence bees certainly refers to herself. That split second she intends to give up out of the truth. Previously, she wants to let friends to help her out, but actually is long wings to herself, she wants to fly can fly.

Giving up is not easy, especially painful of give up love. Because of our young, love is the parent-child relationship when copying. Young children, no matter from which terms, is inseparable from the father and mother. If mom and dad complete negation him, that means to him, this is the ultimate death damage and fear. We had a more or less experienced by mom and dad negative pain and fear, so when love --, the parent-child relationship replica of once again made us to experience the pain and fear, our emotions are likely to become very badly.

However, love and parent-child relationship, compared with a huge difference: when I was young, there is nothing that we can do, everything is parents calculate, But now, we grow up, we have the power to choose their own destiny. Can say, in my childhood, we are wingless small bee, but now, we have a pair of strong wings.

But when you fall in love deeply, we will return to childhood, we'll forget they have a pair of can fly wings. We figured it etc, love is no longer would be right for parent-child relationship of automatic replication, our love is free, had abandon strength.

Remember: love is two things, two completely equal and independent personality things. You can try, but not to say, you hard will have the effect, because another person, you cannot control.

So, no matter how much you really care about a love, if another person resolute want to leave you, please respect his choice.

And, even remember, you are no longer childhood, estimating the pain. You already an adult, you have a pair of strong wings, you can fly out of a has become poison relations.


Gutty give up behind...

There is a very ordinary high school, one day come around a tall handsome boy, a non-mainstream dress, from him the total reveals a noble, unassailed temperament. Of course, for this ordinary high school for, such excellent a boy will certainly sensation cheers. Sure enough, overnight, he gave a name, everyday received billet-doux, gifts, often be girl "carelessly" bump is almost commonplace. The boy hasn't accept any girls. Isn't their excellent, only on their enough without any feeling. Until one day, the boy see a cute girl, he remembered saw the girl's that moment of his heart how fast. The boy knew he was in love with the girl, although the girls are not outstanding, but he only to this girl feel.

Damage, she once very attentively to treat a boy, but the boys only her when toys, so she can't easily accept the feelings, she feared hurt again, how much more will the boy so excellent, the girl feel the boy must not true to her. Friend put these words left intact told the boy, the boy in the mind pain that girls wounded. The boy in the heart swear, he would be sure to love girl, don't let her be little injury. The next day, the boy came the public he likes girl, this matter again stir in the school. The boy every day to find girl, accompany her homework, to help her dozen rice, send her to dormitory, the rainy day to help him to open an umbrella, but he himself got wet, he never call girl's name, has been called her "little fool" because boys called it "little fool" will be more friendly... Gradually, the girl believe boy is really like her. One night, in sending girl to dormitory the small forest in the hallway, boys to girls vindicate again: "you little fool, I like you, really like love, when my girlfriend? So long, difficult way you can really see I really love you? I promise I won't let you hurt; I will always good care for you. You little fool, I'll hurts you, believe me, good?" Girls shy lower the head: "well" the boy head kissed girl, dim moonlight sprinkled on the face, handsome boy in a great mess, girl tightly closed his eyes. How long a time, two people became school everyone envy pair, the girl feel like Cinderella, and finally found their prince, every day she had very happy very happy.

But recently, girl found boy these days more and more cold talk to her, seldom come to find her, even telephone information is very few. The girl panic, she felt happy like you are going to climb the wall. Finally, the girl went to the boy couldn't help looking for him the classroom. The girl went the boy at his table, the girl sleeping very angry, boy prefers sleep is not willing to ignore her, sit at the same table saw the girl, pushed boy, the boy looked up to see girl, lazy arose from the seat outside the classroom, she looked up front to girl asked the boy: "husband, you why ignore me? Are you don't I?" The boy indifferent eyes flashed across a sad, then he immediately replaced by cold, he looked down at the girl, look at the girl, said: "yes, so you later don't again to seek me! Let's over!" These words like a bolt from the blue, make girl fiercely YiZheng, tears immediately burst down, she took the boy's hand. "Husband, you tricked me into the right? You said will lifetime all caress my ah, you said not let my injured, isn't it?! You said I am your little fool, you'll take hurts you little fool! How do you might forget these? Husband, you must be cheat my right?" Boys don't face watch girl, he closed his eyes and ruthlessly evade the girl's hand, ratchet great that girl fell to the ground. He told the girl say: "I speak of still not clear?! I don't want you! Don't like you! Later don't again come for me!" Full of people laugh ring, everyone on the boy's reaction was startled. The girl was heartstricken, but she lifted face, watched the little boy asked. "Why?" The boy skill clasped her flank a beautiful girl's shoulder: "this is reason" the beautiful girl may unexpectedly boys would like her, she started leng4 once, then return to absolute, intentionally to boys on closer to him. The girl looked at the scene, heartache fast couldn't breathe. She covered chest, is it? Original all hocus-pocus, he also just playin? I just... Since like this, I why again like a like a buffoon is same, let all people joke? But how do, my heart, so pain... The girl wiped away tears, calm for a boy said a sentence: "I know, later I won't bother you" and then they turned off. The boy didn't see girl turned of that a moment, she cried how sad. Similarly, girl, she turned and saw nothing after a face of disgust, boys pushed the beautiful girl back seat continued to sleep, nobody see, the boy dropped to the table of that a moment, his eyes are red. The boy couldn't stand anymore, he the heartache of fast die, even breath becomes tingling, he really doesn't want to hurt her, he gave her promises that he never forgot, he also wants to achieve these promises! He is true love his little fool ah, he may want to want to love her to a lifetime of ah, but after receiving the hospital that zhang list of cancer is terminal after all of this is impossible... Dear little fool, my lovely wife, later without me in the side, you also will live a happy heart, husband I will love you in heaven. Wife, forgive the husband selfish, I'd rather hurt you, also can't let you watch me die, even if you hate me all my life, I also can't let you take so much pain. Wife, sorry, I love you.The next day, the boy transfer, no one knows where he went.

The girl return to dormitory, the largest open the stereo, a person hide in the quilt cry for a long time for a long time, two full days, neither ate nor drank, no matter who advised to no avail. She just lie down for two days. The next morning, she finally got up, normal brushing your teeth, normal shave, normal eating, normal school, with a MeiShiRen same. Friends are concerned about the asked her if she had no matter, she's just a smile, "You think I like occupy?" Friends tell girl, boy transfer, the girl indifferent shrugged: "oh". Look at the girl indifferent attitude, everybody thinks that the girl have already forgot boy, but the only girl heart knows that her whole life all don't want to forget boy, even if he lied to her, but she still unwillingly threw not forget...

The boy came after, girls were no longer a grilfriend before mind, both use the study. After six months, the girl went to Shanghai jiaotong university. In college girls nor a grilfriend before, because she was still having another person, although the man to her cruel, but she always not forget boy. And she also do not want to forget, the memories is bright, she didn't want to because time and forget them, even if these memories joined by deception...

Six years later return to this day, the girls high school, the school also as before, weed and blade are no change. Step into the school gate, memories flooded come, she and boy drops at the moment is like a movie, on her mind be projected. Don't walk the one step, her heart was much pain again. After school grove, she also clearly remember they were here in hand walk together, he said to her, "Idiot wife, I will love you forever," then she blushed, the in the mind is TianZiZi. These pictures as if it happened yesterday, as she remembered so clear.

Suddenly, her eyes carelessly fall a tomb, she felt strange, school grove how can there be grave? She walked into the took a look: "ah!" Girl saw tombstone of name suddenly flat on land, tombstone boy photographs have yellow, can still could not conceal handsome boy's capacity. The girl suddenly under meng, he is not transfer? How might die? But the tombstone of pictures clearly is his! What's that all about? A sweep the woods walk to uncle passed, saw the girl was too frightened to sit upon the ground and busy lift girl, said, "Miss, you don't be afraid of ah, the boys ah, it's got lung cancer death, I heard that he was and our school a girl in a relationship, are both very love each other. Later, the boy knew she had cancer after deliberately injuring girl, leave the school soon, girl went to college, the boy died. Before he died once money bought this small forest, again after must buried here. He said because he had here to girls make promise to love her lifetime, so he wants to achieve this commitment. Alas, is a poor boy..." Mutombo say while Saul touchdown left. The girl brain blank, again flat on land, uncle left until sweep the floor for a long time it took her a long time to finally unbearable, she burst into tears of tore heart crack lung of yell; "You this bastard! How can you deceive me so long! How can you let I hate you so long! A villain! How could you do this to me?! Why you will all be dead you incredibly still not telling me let I hate you?! I don't!" The girl lonely voice echoed in the grove, and finally voice shouted ourselves hoarse, she cried and climbed to the boy's tomb, touching his mouth mutters; photograph, "Husband, you here alone so long must be very lonely? Husband, you always say me silly, in fact you more silly, why want to cheat a wife? Against wife hated you so long. The husband, here cold very lonely ah, the wife accompany you, ok?"

... Why!!! ...


Delicate show thin pointed to boot

Young girls, must wear through countless high-heeled shoes, canvas shoes, occasionally also want to try different sense. When cold snap incoming, pointed boot is both keep warm and can be shown namely cabinet and delicate choice! A look below 4 of nowadays the hottest ladies boots style!

01 bunts knitting coat matching drape short skirt gives a person lovely feeling. Tie-in render pants and boot, exposure of leg ministry line, want to have enough confidence, oh.

02 boots collocation of cultivate of black trousers is right choice, can foil a tall figure, have let leg ministry show thin.

03 black ash to mix build wear a OL optimal collocation! Add A word bust skirt to cooperate, elongated unlcerc proportion, namely becomes more beautiful!

04 army green cotton-padded clothes collocation of ginger cotton simple sense of cultivate one's morality pants, colour is harmonious and unified. Tie-in boot handsome is dye-in-the-wood.


Such as the next morning

I just want to use narrator Angle of such a story, when I met you, the world in me, are no longer the same.

1, since to meet you

Know Sue dye white that year, I still wears tartan shorts, comb hair thatch of little girl. Uninhibited like a wild horse, uneasy and are fond.

Vaguely remember that day sunshine particularly warm, is a suitable sleeping day. I was Angela to see a handsome boy. More specifically, is to see a had a crush on her since elementary school. Sue dye white stand on that a group of people among whom topless, show beautiful abdominal muscle. Khaki pants, dangling cigarettes.

He smokes posture is very special, the thumb and forefinger clip smoke. Brown eyes of benevolence and thin lips, hair in sunshine mapping exuding the light yellow, TingTing under the bridge of the nose and the fair skin, all like Roman statues as perfect and chiseled. He stood there, quiet quiet smoking a cigarette, he doesn't smile not speaking to, like this mortal world everything he had nothing to do with. But that is such a glance, draw the day all the sun.

Dinner, he sat next to me. I can clearly smell him nicotine and flavor of light cologne. He spoke very good voice, typical southern big boy with a tongue trills sound. In this delicate atmosphere, I feel brain a bit suffocate. Shy face flushed with anger.

"I'm Sue dye white, and you?" He asked me. I was a bit nervous ground to say: "my name is XuMeng butterfly, please take care!" May was really too nervous, all I remember we met after also it. Later when respectively, he put his contact information written in my hand, said a sentence "later is free to often contact!" . Again see he was thin figure disappeared in the lower hemoglobin in the night.

2, as long as togetherChristian Louboutin

I don't know the world whether there really is love at first sight, I do know, from that side up, I fell in love with the suave boy. But I finally also does not have the courage helpline Sue dye white mobile phone number. With a little bit of inferiority. So handsome so outstanding boys, probably forgot I?

Goodbye Sue dye white is in Angela's birthday party, he just the same, no matter where go attract an girls gaze. But he lost some more than before. In this party, I always not leading role, I prefer the quiet. Come to the party also simply because the Angela said Sue dye white will come. I want to see him, this is the only reason.

Noisy and busy KTV, I sat in the corner, silently product red wine, watched before me past laughter people, quietly watching focus of dyed white. Sue,

Suddenly Sue dye white go before me. He drank a lot of wine, ask me: "are XuMeng butterfly, whether you like me?" I lowered my head, face hot badly. Before I could answer, he used that don't no doubt of tone say: "be my girl friend!" I panicked hand all don't know where to put the, he hold my hand, another hand ring on my shoulder and pull me to go to the party center, with everyone said: "with everyone say one thing! Starting today, this is what I Sue dye white girlfriend, come, I ected you three cups of!" Then droppong my a person to have a drink.

At that time I was too panic, I didn't pay attention at that time we look whether with a sense of wonder and despise. But they did not understand. Even if this is Sue dye white with a joke, I also am willing to bear. Because no one knows, I secretly like his long, more no one knows. How I want to be with him.

3, even if be replaced

Sue dye white with me together, is he feeling is the most fragile. At that time his girlfriend just broke up with first love. I don't know should thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to, or in again after many years to complain that it, why do you want to give me this opportunity.Afterwards just know, Sue dye white is 12 inside famous small hun hun sonny, ranked third, popularity is very good. But I still can feel he doesn't like this kind of life, he that brown eyes of benevolence, occasionally skimming the baby uneasiness.

Actually I understand, I was just his feelings substitutes. But still I bet on all my feelings. I am not a brave child, but I don't like regret, and his love is about me. I think, I must be strong enough to love down, even if later lost the capacity to love.

He brought me contact with his friends. Actually with Sue dye white together, I felt inferior. Every time I see a butterfly in like the girl of 12 eyes flew, heart will not be conscientious aching slightly. In front of them, but I was a good good study, day day up every day, and back English words darling female.

Sue dye white always grumbling but instead of speech, in my name will his small white sheepishly smile, like the sunshine. Listening to his friends said, Sue dye white like the long-haired no.19 girl, so I started to grow up my hair. Also began a little matured, start of various makeup, wear various kinds of clothing, with him at various occasions and party.

Heard that Sue dye white before is seldom come out to play the children and women, maybe he is to want to let his former girlfriend and see how much he happiness is always with me, it was like peas and carrots.

In fact, small white, it was good. Even if it's just replace, can beside you, I still feel that happiness.

4, I am willing to work for you

As a mixed seed girlfriend, first must understand the weight, but also hold up field, make up the vacant lot. I know a lot of people are loathe I dyed with Sue white feelings. But I think we'll be happy, really.Christian Louboutin Sandals

When 1 toutou provocative to spell wine, no matter how we block, Sue dye white or should be.

I told him is flustered, Sue dye white stomach was bad, eat to eat many, how can you drink?

I LiMuYang 1 ahead of time to the dozen telephone, steady good time in advance for an hour. When Sue dye white when they arrived, I told LiMuYang drink too has almost. LiMuYang say with me, 6, the XuMeng butterfly, you not the kui is a model. Not only study well, even do girlfriend is such model, regrettable I have never you so good girlfriend. If you had trouble, Sue dye white not to help you, you can tell me.

I dragged Sue dye white hands, smiled and said, thank you. Splashed legs waxed feeble, again not propped up.

They sent me to hospital I have consciousness, I can feel Sue dye white tears in my face. He embraced me in say with me: I'm sorry. I feel good love dearly, I want to help him to wipe tears, but can't lift arm.

The doctor says gastrorrhagia, hospitalization. When Sue dye injection white keep in my bed. The doctor rebuked him and said: "know your girlfriend has so severe stomach trouble and how still let her drink so much wine? Don't want to live!" Sue dye white looked at me, so pity, knead tight fist, you how have so kind to me? "I smile to say with him:" the small white, small white! I can still such call for you. Very happy ". "He slowly say:" dream butterfly, I am not fit for you then love me! "He bowed his head and cut my hands apple. I said:" small white small white, later you mustn't say such things. No match do not deserve. I think happiness is good, isn't it? "

Sue dye white very gentleness, look after me very well, no longer let me by any humiliate. He'll help me wash hair, my hair also can float, just like how I feel about him, deeper and deeper.

Small white idiots, because I love you. So I would like to, put all your pain, all loaded to me.

5, she had come home

I dyed with Sue white together in a year's time, his former girlfriend back. She came to me, that I am in the school study lounges give the papers.

She leans on the door shout, which is XuMeng butterfly, please come out?

I get up, her eyes up and down the eyed me. She comes sat on the bench and cock leg say: "you are XuMeng butterfly?" I leng4 once, I say: "yes!" She smiled, so beautiful. She said: "that's right, I'll find you! I'm Sue dye white previous girlfriend, believe you also heard of me?"

I arranged at hand to test paper and smiled and said to her: "yes, o tao always told me that you are very beautiful! Ha ha, today saw it was so!" She stared at me to say: "I still think XuMeng butterfly is what talent! Be everyone speaks so well. Hum, it just so so!"

I recognize her in the words of irony. I looked at her, the once Sue dye white favourite of woman, maybe it is! She added: "thanks anyway! Take care of our house dye white so well! However, before is him to take care of me! Ha ha. Now I am back, is you take him back to my time? Well, we dye white so a person, even if she hadn't I leave him he find a back-up, but also cannot too bad!"Christian Louboutin Boots

I look at this beautiful woman, draw black look line, sootiness makeup, black stockings, short skirt, high-heeled shoes, big wave curls. Amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds, probably not boy will not like the girl!

Compared with her, I am just a will only wear jeans wild wench. I also knew she hurt small white will be more deep. I'm a little pity her, she should go direct to Sue BaiCai to dye. He should still love her.

I should with she said: "I hope you can take care of him, after to remind him everyday drink soup, is the nourishes he had been accustomed. Also, if the love, don't repeatedly repeatedly, well with him, don't betray. To tell you the truth, I despise. Now I put him back to you, don't hurt him. I wish you happiness." Without looking at her, I picked up the examination paper directly walked off. I don't want to fall down in front of her tears, so I also will despise myself.

In this relationship, I seem to is a third party, I should disappear just rightness. So I really disappeared, and disappeared in the line of sight in white dye Sue. simply8 and if you lose

Is sometimes so happy, and full envied? Otherwise why he from my side took my dyed white?

April's days, always dusky, let the person's mood also same dim. That morning, Yin continuous rain, next constantly. Small white 810920 fail to meet me to school. His cell phone off, how to play doesn't make sense. I suddenly began to panic, nervous.

The police car harsh flute Ming, like pierced my ear drum, from downstairs roared. I fingers-crossed praying again "please, small white, you must not an accident, such a man droppong my hell is that?"
I remember how you came to the hospital, just know they let me see him last side, my brain suddenly a blank. Body like there was no more can support I stand up strength. But I must go, I have to take my dyed white home. He'll be fine.

The hospital corridor, Sue dye white brother stood in the peck. Saw me coming, top a bow, "I'm sorry." They go to the front. I said nothing, just shake, gently pushes them. Why? Why! Why do we hide here they are unwilling to pass? Why do we just want a quiet life they are unwilling to give? !

I really can't believe I dyed white so has left me. I can't believe this morning his lips are so warm imprinted on my forehead, a twinkling, he wasn't beside me.

I finally see his one eye, he lay in snow-white sheet, so quiet. Like the first time I met him, just as perfect eyes close. I saw his eyelids, there is a drop of ice crystal beads. It is the tears of frozen up, I wondered if he was too won't leave me? Once again I kissed his lips, that the victim has lost color lip good ice, good ice, always ice came to my mind. I kept telling yourself no cry, not cry, must leave the most perfect smile to dye white. Stop worrying, small white, I will take good care of your mom and dad. Out of the morgue, I couldn't help but broke my tears, the tear wantonly flow, I know he would never came back to me to wipe tears.

They told me to walk too impatient.actually, leaving no word. His friend gave me a delicate small box, is Sue dye white to buy me a ring. He have an accident that day is our second anniversary, he intended to have to surprise me, they slowly say with me.

They say: "that day in pubs up, very urgent, played very fierce. No way, we can give dye BaiDa phone. More than ten years brother! He didn't want meddling in, he said the life now is very calm very happiness. But at the time really played too fierce, sure someone will have an accident. We are really just had to just find dyed white. We see you two were so happy also follow happy, everyone don't want to destroy. Sorry... I'm sorry." They cried like a child, "we really didn't expect it would be so, who also have never thought..."

"I go. You better than ordinary day after all right! Find a stable place, good study, or work, good housekeeping. This is my BaiDou hoped to dye. Tell everyone need not guilty, perhaps this is life!" Tears, ha ha, I even found I did not cry out, the in the mind tremendous pain catch my breath, even talk to all light.

"You are free to go more comfort of his parents. Outliving, the pain is not the average person can bear. This is also he want."

9, you say you love me

I took his schoolbag muddled returned home, I saw the Sue of diary, dyed white away from the beginning, and I have doubled acquaintances, to... The final paper is dyed white's handwriting.

"The dream butterfly:

You did so much for me, I didn't think about it. Until you leave me just know what you mean to me. I used to think I love her very much, but lose you, I don't know how to just happy to rise. No one give me drink soup, no one fierce I care about my body, and no one face to me giggle. I just know, I really can't live without you. Seeing this diary after, I just know how much you grievance. I also understand that once I brought you a much harm. But you told me has been buchibuqi. I want to turn over a new leaf, several times, but failed. Until seeing your diary, I didn't understand what is I want to treasure.Dream butterfly, you trust, I be really take a lifetime to love you. This diary, I will treasure up, when we are old, return can again riffled through our love story.

I never tell you I love you, because I thought, all words in action before will become pale.

But I still want to, you know, honey, I love you!

Your little freely"

Everything, like a joke, a bit of cruel joke. God! Why are you doing this tricks on me?

10 and the next morning

My chuai wear white photos, dyed Sue to ocean the other shore. Most unfortunately, we together three years, unexpectedly has no a group photo. I cut short hair, that had waist of three years I grew like long hair, the regenerative three years feelings, broken. The diary, with him together, reduced to ashes. I want to Sue dye white must want to take it, my whole life love, with him.

In the strange place, stood in the strange street, but total feel some familiar. I play many jobs, give his parents send money, let them know that they are not alone.

Sometimes I open a computer, watching the QQ number, the number that only in the white one, dyed his head is always is grey. But one day, the head really light, I think he should think of me and I said, I afraid of the dark.

Strange, strange languages, do a lot of work, jether not let myself idle down. To help those who are in need of help.

I still can often reminded him that speaks in my ear.

Butterfly dream girl, I made this problem after just can give you a kiss?

Miss xu,, if I exam progress, you take me an ice cream well, I would like to have more lovely.

Xu girl, if I pass the college entrance examination, we'll get married first okay, I'm afraid you run.

The time is long, the memories are beginning to blur. I suddenly think, dyed white, whether you really exist? Just my a person a dream it?

By chance in LiMuYang fellow party met. Carefully broken broken to speak to the recent past, exchanged MSN. He said, XuMeng butterfly, I still remember the time when we drink of appearance. At that time we are still young.

We often in sunny afternoon, their respective sit in front of the computer, remembering the past. About common understanding friend to laugh a burst of, feeling a.

Then one day he suddenly speaks. XuMeng butterfly, in fact, you should learn to have hope. So the next morning, perhaps is a sunny day.

That song is thus sings the:

With ups and downs of figure blocking cry heart/some stories don't say to everyone listen/many eyes too shallow too near/miss I had not been seen that oneself/use simple words untie overloaded heart/some mood is to understand the said, hear/your tears than I am excited pity/I swear I should work harder has more courage...

He also spoke, XuMeng butterfly, I should be formally introduce myself to you. My name is LiMuYang, from China. I studied economics, XuMeng butterfly, let us to meet it. Go to wait for the next one morning.

Neville said wei language
In October of the north has begun under the snow. In October, and no lucked out, but not very happy. Write this story, many reasons. I think young when we must have had such a time, rebellious, warlike, the curtain. Maybe dear you so it is now. I can't speak so good or bad. But my dear children, I will speak with you. Life is how fragile, when the newspaper hype for fights of death, who events concern about their families, their love. When I saw her lover cry bitterly face, how much I'm sad.

Dear children, I will speak with you, youth is bright, it is positive, be sunshine.

Dear children, I will speak with you, in such a long time, do not decadent, we can rebel, can urge, but a sense of propriety.

Dear children, how I want to see, younger than me, you can study, for their own dreams and diligently. Like his brother and sister that the most ardent hope.

Dear children, I want to talk to you speak, I had that rebellious time. I also know how difficult it is for me to go back. So dear girls, do you want to cherish now time. Cherish your teenage youth.

November, every word, every ten band4 back to read a piece of prose to hear the beloved person, every day to write some words. Treat everyone, relatives and friends, love. Do a kind person. If you make others feel happy, you will find happiness, you also follow up. True. True. Everything is ok.


Light ripe female winter classical money coat

Winter has come, and the temperature gradually decrease, your winter beauty clothes ready? Look at this season most light together the crazy necessary cultivate one's morality ripe female coat! Believe that you must have many harvest:Christian Louboutin Boots

01 round brought NeDaYi is very easy tie-in styles. Rabbit collars fashion is decorous, collar of small bowknot ornament gives light ripe female peculiar melting temperament.

02 chic inclined single-breasted one design, cultivate one's morality effect is good, collars part can disassemble, regardless of your youth race is a office worker is worth having.

03 delicate pocket adornment, silky collars design, YY ok and optional collocation grows the knitting garment, render filar socks, Christian Louboutin boots.

04 lambs flocking accept body design, side and the cap for rabbit hair, two big pockets, whole dress detail delicate, it is the good warm winter accompany you choice!Christian louboutin Black

05 decorous fashionable recreational money NeDaYi, cultivate one's morality effect significantly, the adornment of black lacy white chest let whole YY won't appear depressing.


Love is just a lamp

At that time they are poor, sell day by day in the street food, get home at night very tired. But as long as a light, crude hut immediately light up, although it is lamp dozen tile energy-saving lamps.
She left in the light arrangement selling vegetables, he counted all the day's money, and then two men sat down to eat together, eating consulted in the next morning should be purchased which vegetables.

A meal, he brush a bowl, she washed clothes. When resting, often is the night after ten.

A few years later, the day has finally better up, and he became a little food dealers by the manager of a construction company, she became a full-time wife.

They bought more than 100 square metre of a large house. When decorating, he insisted on many install some lights, a sitting room that had more than 30 lamp holder.

She said: "need so much light? What a waste of." He said: "we are rich, life is going to be bright bright at a time." With that, he turned on all the lamps, sway to her zheng BuKaiYan.

But, she only used to drive a lamp, anyway, he has a meal in the home rarely, sometimes even YeBuGuiSu. With the sensitive woman, she knew he outside around with other women.

At night, she would in darkness tears, daytime dress neatly, but so quietly, living.

Once, he come back very late, drunk in a great mess, reached out his hand and touched the sitting room the light switch, "spluttered splat" press along while, but only a light will come.
"Why is it?" Some of his wrath. She was wake, said calmly, "a lamp to have what not good? To save on electricity, still can put the house illuminate. Besides, those bulbs early were broken."

The bulbs so much, he didn't know. And the other woman, he told her attentive caress, even supplies to help her carpool5 mates.

However, his engineering amiss, career are in the most difficult times, she is run with other people.

Wife took a passbook handed over to his hand and said, "take to go ahead."

He looked surprised that top thickly dotted Numbers. Money is not a save up, every time only 1500 yuan, while saving days are monthly 1, is that he gave her living day.

Every months living expenses, but she 2,000 yuan saved 1500 yuan, he couldn't imagine that when he was out for other women spend money like water, she will have carefully, can save how the money.

He thought that the woman, is leaving his life a lamp that luxuriant lamp, can put the day as profusion is colorful. Now, he finally understand, wife is in his life in the light of the lamp light hearts, and such lamp, have a lamp, enough to warm life.Christian Louboutin Boots


Super practical render pants keep warm and show thin

Female beauty is born, even in cold winter of aspirants, also to show their charm. However, want to choose which not only keep warm and can show their charm clothes out but is not a simple matter. Today let's look at a few to keep warm and show thin render pants!

01 perpendicular stripe render pants, tactility thick, soft and comfortable warmth retention property is high, clean and neat perpendicular line can visual stretched the leg.

02 soft thick qualitative, classic long snowflakes stripes, reveal dye-in-the-wood tide flavor. Although in recent years the graph design many, but this paragraph is a collection of all sorts of design highlights the MM of preparing for likes meticulously oh.Christian Louboutin Pumps

03 cixin even KuQun bag buttock effect is very outstanding, good spring and upper comfortable, very forward-going leopard grain and black is fashionable have fan can match various coat, black pants part let your legs more show slender.Christian louboutin Black

04 year popularity soared on the American street agitation of render pants, tong qu pattern with the tide caked card, simple collocation a long TEE is enough attracts everybody eyeball.Christian Louboutin

05 nowadays super popular even MoTao render pants, recreational type of MoTao part fashion handsome and reveal the loving personality, do not need other collocation can attract attention.


Ba gedaliah the butterfly

People say ba Kennedy long like girl: pink cheek has a layer of yellow villi, smiling eyes like bow as bent forward.
His house in Inner Mongolia east khorchin Hebrides hot tara village, spring winter and summer, summer and then as grassland. Large green grass, chrysanthemum petals, you must open LiuPian small stick on land, horses were stepping on the undead. The bell orchid wait until the knapweed in open defeated only blossom. Each to this time, and Kennedy than adults still busy: she gathered a bell orchid, run a few steps squat, again pick flourishing seedlings like sasha reachon flowers. Then he 3.4 years, still in his KaiDangKu, often show two disc butt.

Mother said: "god made a mistake, and Kennedy how become boy in the? He's the girl."

Mother told ba Kennedy don't catch flower is not, say flower hurts. He will spend even soil dug watered, literally offon somewhere. These places including the box, radio behind, and Westinghouse boots. In winter, the house also can find dry crack mud pods, have above ZhiHen and dry like tobacco as flowers.

Ba gump's father sensitive mountain was killed by the train killed. He and his mother living together, ZhuangJiaHuo - such as corn, by big jiu jiang cut its cloth for help. Big jiu celibacy, only a skin 3-year-old fruit Shan horse. Mom died big jiu moved nor ba Kennedy.

Mother don't know to what illness, actually ba Kennedy also don't know what is "disease". Mother lying on kang, I did nothing at all, what live by a folding forehead of blue wet towel. Many people came to see her in succession, including have never seen, wears a red coat ridiculous 80 years old, old lady, wear the uniform of the old railway, finger belly split stick full white bandage. These people bring refreshments and our own tomatoes, brought BiLiGe singing tape, harp, mother like invisible. At ordinary times, just four plastic say snack of green hairpin, she also can surprizingly held in my hand.

"Ba Kennedy, take to eat!" Mom refers to person has charng-er figure Ann snack box, then sleep a mesh. No matter what time these people come in, what time to walk, also ignore them when wanting to long gaze. Ba sat red hall ark gump below small bench, with some grass braid, listen to the adult stem plait speak, but he didn't understand. Sometimes his mother and big jiu talk, drive out the ba gump houses. He eavesdrop, mother cry for a sound out-played 1, uncle bah. This is the "disease"?

Evening, and Kennedy as she lie in her mother's side. Mom touched his head two roadway, see his ears, nose, pinching his small fat hand.

"Ba Kennedy, mom going now."

"Go there?"

"Mom to which place, will no longer come back"

Ba Kennedy alert sat up.

"Ba Kennedy, everyone have a day to give far door, go to a place. Dad isn't so?"

Ba Kennedy asked: "so, want to go where?"

"You don't travel anywhere, and big jiu together. I had gone, every summer into a butterfly to see you."
Become a butterfly? Mother so magic, she the past why not?

"I can tell others?" Ba Kennedy asked.

Mother shook his head. After a while, said: "one day, then to our house, I carried away. Then I was not words, not open eyes. You don't cry, don't shout me. I'm not can turn the butterfly?"

"Into a butterfly just could not say words?"

Mother lay nod, the tears from canthus drawn into a strip flow into the ear.
What she said is correct. One day, home to many people, neighbor SangJie grandma brought him to Westinghouse gedaliah, holding him. Some people regard mother carried her out and outside, someone dishonors her face, her mother's face white gauze. People busy, wellies trample there was mud, jiang its cloth uncle squat, who by hand trembling shoulders knead ba gump.

From which since then, Hector hot tara began to drought, the herdsmen felt dry for this year, next year must not drought, but every year drought. A tiller of the ground when the seeds, no rain. Grass long bad, the sheep flock who still far away, do not have enough to eat FanBa backfat are all got lost. Grass less, sand rises more, with the arm tao hole. The inside of the sand moist dark yellow, can hold dough. The village has several family moved to pasture good place.

Ba Kennedy see so many flowers. In the past, depression or has deep green grass, or after rain mushrooms, there will be flowers. Now full of sand, or to see butterflies, before them in the summer morning floating in the past, like confetti was blower blew the place and dancing. Mother into a butterfly after, how long does it take to fly back to Hector hot tara? Midway tired, perhaps to rest a while, in TongLiao or ZhengGuTun. Maybe it meet the river of the cloud, think to be true cloud, want to go to sleep, drilling results were washed away.

That year, ba gump feast aobao sit wagon pull fertilizer, uncle in to ha river pumping station edge see butterflies. It has more than ten years old, jumped out of the carriage, after that the purple butterfly. Uncle shout:

"Ba ba gump life!!"

Shouts farther and farther, butterfly on the sand dune fly, then pass through a bitter fleabane bitter fleabane that willow. It seems afar, later appeared in front. Ba Kennedy motionless, watching it to distant einhorn. A glowing, like leaves.

Later, they both moving to the nanometer tendril tara, uncle gave a Korean ethnic rice, elementary school three years of age.

Schools here is full of red brick big old, there is the raising of the national flag pole. Glass intact, neither cold in winter. The school has a youth volunteer, female, golden yellow skin, called wen hills, Hong Kong. Wen teacher took their class child to the wild night lit bonfires singing, story-telling, everybody likes her and her bag endless good things: plastic carry guns SIMS, nail polish, Mickey Mouse shape the ball-point pen, chewing gum, flash eye shadow, Tibetan antelope posters. Everything wen teachers are many, in a cowboy bag. Every moment she back this package, meet those who perform well - such as dare aloud English words, she opened bag, get something his reward.

One day afternoon, wen teacher brought a roll of colored thumbtack nail wall, use on the blackboard.

"The classmates," wen the teacher pointed at figure, "what is this?"

"Butterfly. Everybody said.

On the graph butterfly whose wings, yellow fins with black side, two tentacles also is black.

"What is this?"


"Yes. This?" She pointed to a like chestnut with pointed things, "this is pupa. Students, we see the beautiful butterfly is actually pupa change, you don't look maggots and pupa all ugly, but changed butterfly later......"

"Your nonsense!" Ba Kennedy stood up and angry pointing to the teacher.

Wen teacher stays and said: "ba Kennedy, speak, please raise your hand."

Ba sat down, a gump bite lips.

"Pupa in what time will become a butterfly? Spring, the earth recovery..."

Ba platform, one mouthful bite rushed gump wen teacher's arm.
"Ah Yao!" Wen teacher shouted, the classroom in confusion. Ba Kennedy in the district jia cloth slap in the mouth, wen teacher next loosen holding his arm to see with the blood tooth marks, crying. Ba Kennedy blackboard he-pulled down, tore lousy, under their feet trample. The nose is still in the blood stream. District jia cloth clothes clasp was dragged off, a few of the girls horrified embrace together.

"Are you mad?" The headmaster came. With ShouChuo ba gedaliah the forehead, and Kennedy fadeaway sit. He put up in bashan, gump carry chuo, "crazy!" Ba Kennedy this again would sit.
The headmaster XiangWen teacher PeiXiao, with the mouth blow on her arm tooth marks, XiangWen teacher PeiXiao and jiang its cloth uncle. He put a raise led to the teacher for wen. The headmaster through investigation, that has not been bitten by bashan gump, let wen teachers don't be afraid. However, ba Kennedy was expelled.

One night, the teacher came to gedaliah home, carrying baal which bag. She let the cloth uncle and Yellow River dog out for a short stay, she wants to meet with barca Kennedy alone talk.

"Children, you must have a heart knot." Wen teacher squat, stretch out a hand to touch ba waving gump's face, "tell the teacher what?"

Butterfly? Butterfly flies over from a very far place, perhaps's xilingol grassland, grandmother home there. Butterfly in gaza reachon petals in water, then wash my face, then fly. After sunset fly. In all over the sky star under, butterfly is like a wizard, it may be white, perhaps is purple...

"Butterfly reminds you of what? Child."

Ba Kennedy shook his head.

Wen teacher sighed, her from his bag and took out a pair of white sneakers - leather, blue shoes son, to baal Kennedy.

Ba Kennedy shook his head. His yellow rubber overshoes already broken, canvas exposed flesh to nations. He didn't shoelace son, use twine fasten from his feet to the instep.

Wen teacher put the new shoes on the kang, and Kennedy snatched up tucked into her bag.

Wen teacher went out and saw jiang its cloth honest poor smiling face, again see ba Kennedy. She said: "the butterfly is beautiful. Gump, baal hope I haven't hurt you, go to school."

Ba Kennedy came back to school.

Ba Kennedy by junior high grade one, became a celebrity flag in. In middle school mathematics competition, autonomous won his third, become run scholarship winners.

In summer vacation, union organized a good student summer camp to go to Qingdao, including ba Kennedy. Qingdao is good, the house from the mountain to mountain, roof cover red and white beach as fill another flour, seawater rushed over to shore, and back.

Summer camp last day activity is visited yellow sea institute: buildings outside the wall was crawling with ivy, besides road, the ground is covered with grass, than the green grassland. Dining room chairs are fixed, with butt loiter, chair also won't make noise. Eat what oneself take dish, can put chicken wings, burning up the rape and burn prawn end to seat to eat. Finished, the iron plate thrown into a red plastic drum.
After dinner, they visit biological library.

Like a ship like a whale skeleton, mammoth teeth, owl and fox specimens of bashan, Ian sleep here is actually a zoo, but animals don't move. Of course, fish in dynamic, like changed CaiZhuang fish tireless swam to swim in the past, background of a lamp. Finally, they came to insect's sample room.

Butterfly! Big glass closet caked with butterfly, big like bean leaves that, small like bond buckle, some butterfly wings grow in a pair of YuanLiuLiu eyes. Ba in drum the freewill jump. Explanation of female teacher took a wooden stick, speaks the little gray xishuangbanna butterfly, Mexico monarch butterflies, FengYan gorge butterfly... Ba Kennedy walked out of house, leaning against the wall.

Butterfly what to here? Because Qingdao have the sea? Hector hot tara and Raman tara has good years nanotubes without butterflies. The butterfly is lost, they fly to the seaside, fly forward not passed, and fell on the rocks, and open flowers as the sea reef.

Summer camp people come out, no one found him. Ba Kennedy saw with a stick of female teacher, he walked over to one player bowed. The teacher nodded, watching this DaiZhe "ZheLiMuMeng wording" red hats child.

Ba Kennedy put money vomit them up have notes and COINS, hold a handkerchief bag to her: "teacher, ask you one thing, please put them!"

"Put it, let them fly back to grassland."

"Put what?"


The female teacher was surprised and smiled, see ba Kennedy blushed and has the tears, and live to smile, hold his hand into the house, saying nothing to look at him.Ba Kennedy was silent time stream son the words out. Mother was carried out and raining outside, SangJie grandmother who hand over his eyes. Eventually everybody all want to go to a place? To become something?

The female teacher use a handkerchief to wipe try tears. Such ba Kennedy finish. She took out a box from the cupboard: "what name do you call?"
"Ba Kennedy"

"This for you." The female teacher's hand crystal has a beautiful butterfly, purple brigandine JinWen, "is kunshan purple Helena." She put the crystal dish into the wooden box to baal Kennedy, eyes red with, the tip of the nose and a little red. She said: "good things never die, life is like afterlife is still the same. We believe it, but also accept it. This is a ba gedaliah the butterfly.

The window someone shouted: "ba Kennedy, where are you? The car to leave..."


Winter dress build opportunely more feminine flavour

Who said the cold winter can't wear skirt? Will and dressing MMS winter as can put her skirt collocation is perfect, cold winter wear skirt is actually very simple, inside take sweater with coat, put on fascinating outside the black socks matchs loves on boots, let you both charming, and can keep out the cold. Here we see together wintry day how collocation dress more feminine flavour:

01 super version type, obvious effect of cultivate one's morality, can both the positive and negative wear, both sides is v-neck, big bowknot chatelaine highlights the simple design, the extraordinary, the winter can outside add windcoat or cotton-padded jacket, very good value and practical. Christian louboutin Black

02 condole carries a dress inside take a white sweater is distinct and cute, little tall waist line add ruffle design spin private parts scale, put on filar socks match on high-heeled shoes, outside phi an overcoat is more perfect. Christian Louboutin Boots

03 HanGuoChao hot one of popular sheet is tasted, sheet, wear enchanting charming glamour 4 shoot, tie-in coat or outfit elegant nobility, presented models with money belt.

04 vest skirt is the most fashionable glamour joker sheet is tasted, can sheet, wear, also can match the T-shirt, shirt or sweater, creating various new modelling. One small vest skirt, can satisfy the tide girls every-changing styles, absolutely is both the need of benefits and fashionable joker magic tools.Christian Louboutin

05 luxuriant flower dress upper charge, the lower lumbar cultivate one's morality two layer miniskirt is placed, collocation grows high-heeled boots, more show is tall, reveal and attractive temperament.Christian louboutin Black