Such as the next morning

I just want to use narrator Angle of such a story, when I met you, the world in me, are no longer the same.

1, since to meet you

Know Sue dye white that year, I still wears tartan shorts, comb hair thatch of little girl. Uninhibited like a wild horse, uneasy and are fond.

Vaguely remember that day sunshine particularly warm, is a suitable sleeping day. I was Angela to see a handsome boy. More specifically, is to see a had a crush on her since elementary school. Sue dye white stand on that a group of people among whom topless, show beautiful abdominal muscle. Khaki pants, dangling cigarettes.

He smokes posture is very special, the thumb and forefinger clip smoke. Brown eyes of benevolence and thin lips, hair in sunshine mapping exuding the light yellow, TingTing under the bridge of the nose and the fair skin, all like Roman statues as perfect and chiseled. He stood there, quiet quiet smoking a cigarette, he doesn't smile not speaking to, like this mortal world everything he had nothing to do with. But that is such a glance, draw the day all the sun.

Dinner, he sat next to me. I can clearly smell him nicotine and flavor of light cologne. He spoke very good voice, typical southern big boy with a tongue trills sound. In this delicate atmosphere, I feel brain a bit suffocate. Shy face flushed with anger.

"I'm Sue dye white, and you?" He asked me. I was a bit nervous ground to say: "my name is XuMeng butterfly, please take care!" May was really too nervous, all I remember we met after also it. Later when respectively, he put his contact information written in my hand, said a sentence "later is free to often contact!" . Again see he was thin figure disappeared in the lower hemoglobin in the night.

2, as long as togetherChristian Louboutin

I don't know the world whether there really is love at first sight, I do know, from that side up, I fell in love with the suave boy. But I finally also does not have the courage helpline Sue dye white mobile phone number. With a little bit of inferiority. So handsome so outstanding boys, probably forgot I?

Goodbye Sue dye white is in Angela's birthday party, he just the same, no matter where go attract an girls gaze. But he lost some more than before. In this party, I always not leading role, I prefer the quiet. Come to the party also simply because the Angela said Sue dye white will come. I want to see him, this is the only reason.

Noisy and busy KTV, I sat in the corner, silently product red wine, watched before me past laughter people, quietly watching focus of dyed white. Sue,

Suddenly Sue dye white go before me. He drank a lot of wine, ask me: "are XuMeng butterfly, whether you like me?" I lowered my head, face hot badly. Before I could answer, he used that don't no doubt of tone say: "be my girl friend!" I panicked hand all don't know where to put the, he hold my hand, another hand ring on my shoulder and pull me to go to the party center, with everyone said: "with everyone say one thing! Starting today, this is what I Sue dye white girlfriend, come, I ected you three cups of!" Then droppong my a person to have a drink.

At that time I was too panic, I didn't pay attention at that time we look whether with a sense of wonder and despise. But they did not understand. Even if this is Sue dye white with a joke, I also am willing to bear. Because no one knows, I secretly like his long, more no one knows. How I want to be with him.

3, even if be replaced

Sue dye white with me together, is he feeling is the most fragile. At that time his girlfriend just broke up with first love. I don't know should thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to, or in again after many years to complain that it, why do you want to give me this opportunity.Afterwards just know, Sue dye white is 12 inside famous small hun hun sonny, ranked third, popularity is very good. But I still can feel he doesn't like this kind of life, he that brown eyes of benevolence, occasionally skimming the baby uneasiness.

Actually I understand, I was just his feelings substitutes. But still I bet on all my feelings. I am not a brave child, but I don't like regret, and his love is about me. I think, I must be strong enough to love down, even if later lost the capacity to love.

He brought me contact with his friends. Actually with Sue dye white together, I felt inferior. Every time I see a butterfly in like the girl of 12 eyes flew, heart will not be conscientious aching slightly. In front of them, but I was a good good study, day day up every day, and back English words darling female.

Sue dye white always grumbling but instead of speech, in my name will his small white sheepishly smile, like the sunshine. Listening to his friends said, Sue dye white like the long-haired no.19 girl, so I started to grow up my hair. Also began a little matured, start of various makeup, wear various kinds of clothing, with him at various occasions and party.

Heard that Sue dye white before is seldom come out to play the children and women, maybe he is to want to let his former girlfriend and see how much he happiness is always with me, it was like peas and carrots.

In fact, small white, it was good. Even if it's just replace, can beside you, I still feel that happiness.

4, I am willing to work for you

As a mixed seed girlfriend, first must understand the weight, but also hold up field, make up the vacant lot. I know a lot of people are loathe I dyed with Sue white feelings. But I think we'll be happy, really.Christian Louboutin Sandals

When 1 toutou provocative to spell wine, no matter how we block, Sue dye white or should be.

I told him is flustered, Sue dye white stomach was bad, eat to eat many, how can you drink?

I LiMuYang 1 ahead of time to the dozen telephone, steady good time in advance for an hour. When Sue dye white when they arrived, I told LiMuYang drink too has almost. LiMuYang say with me, 6, the XuMeng butterfly, you not the kui is a model. Not only study well, even do girlfriend is such model, regrettable I have never you so good girlfriend. If you had trouble, Sue dye white not to help you, you can tell me.

I dragged Sue dye white hands, smiled and said, thank you. Splashed legs waxed feeble, again not propped up.

They sent me to hospital I have consciousness, I can feel Sue dye white tears in my face. He embraced me in say with me: I'm sorry. I feel good love dearly, I want to help him to wipe tears, but can't lift arm.

The doctor says gastrorrhagia, hospitalization. When Sue dye injection white keep in my bed. The doctor rebuked him and said: "know your girlfriend has so severe stomach trouble and how still let her drink so much wine? Don't want to live!" Sue dye white looked at me, so pity, knead tight fist, you how have so kind to me? "I smile to say with him:" the small white, small white! I can still such call for you. Very happy ". "He slowly say:" dream butterfly, I am not fit for you then love me! "He bowed his head and cut my hands apple. I said:" small white small white, later you mustn't say such things. No match do not deserve. I think happiness is good, isn't it? "

Sue dye white very gentleness, look after me very well, no longer let me by any humiliate. He'll help me wash hair, my hair also can float, just like how I feel about him, deeper and deeper.

Small white idiots, because I love you. So I would like to, put all your pain, all loaded to me.

5, she had come home

I dyed with Sue white together in a year's time, his former girlfriend back. She came to me, that I am in the school study lounges give the papers.

She leans on the door shout, which is XuMeng butterfly, please come out?

I get up, her eyes up and down the eyed me. She comes sat on the bench and cock leg say: "you are XuMeng butterfly?" I leng4 once, I say: "yes!" She smiled, so beautiful. She said: "that's right, I'll find you! I'm Sue dye white previous girlfriend, believe you also heard of me?"

I arranged at hand to test paper and smiled and said to her: "yes, o tao always told me that you are very beautiful! Ha ha, today saw it was so!" She stared at me to say: "I still think XuMeng butterfly is what talent! Be everyone speaks so well. Hum, it just so so!"

I recognize her in the words of irony. I looked at her, the once Sue dye white favourite of woman, maybe it is! She added: "thanks anyway! Take care of our house dye white so well! However, before is him to take care of me! Ha ha. Now I am back, is you take him back to my time? Well, we dye white so a person, even if she hadn't I leave him he find a back-up, but also cannot too bad!"Christian Louboutin Boots

I look at this beautiful woman, draw black look line, sootiness makeup, black stockings, short skirt, high-heeled shoes, big wave curls. Amorous feelings 10 thousand kinds, probably not boy will not like the girl!

Compared with her, I am just a will only wear jeans wild wench. I also knew she hurt small white will be more deep. I'm a little pity her, she should go direct to Sue BaiCai to dye. He should still love her.

I should with she said: "I hope you can take care of him, after to remind him everyday drink soup, is the nourishes he had been accustomed. Also, if the love, don't repeatedly repeatedly, well with him, don't betray. To tell you the truth, I despise. Now I put him back to you, don't hurt him. I wish you happiness." Without looking at her, I picked up the examination paper directly walked off. I don't want to fall down in front of her tears, so I also will despise myself.

In this relationship, I seem to is a third party, I should disappear just rightness. So I really disappeared, and disappeared in the line of sight in white dye Sue. simply8 and if you lose

Is sometimes so happy, and full envied? Otherwise why he from my side took my dyed white?

April's days, always dusky, let the person's mood also same dim. That morning, Yin continuous rain, next constantly. Small white 810920 fail to meet me to school. His cell phone off, how to play doesn't make sense. I suddenly began to panic, nervous.

The police car harsh flute Ming, like pierced my ear drum, from downstairs roared. I fingers-crossed praying again "please, small white, you must not an accident, such a man droppong my hell is that?"
I remember how you came to the hospital, just know they let me see him last side, my brain suddenly a blank. Body like there was no more can support I stand up strength. But I must go, I have to take my dyed white home. He'll be fine.

The hospital corridor, Sue dye white brother stood in the peck. Saw me coming, top a bow, "I'm sorry." They go to the front. I said nothing, just shake, gently pushes them. Why? Why! Why do we hide here they are unwilling to pass? Why do we just want a quiet life they are unwilling to give? !

I really can't believe I dyed white so has left me. I can't believe this morning his lips are so warm imprinted on my forehead, a twinkling, he wasn't beside me.

I finally see his one eye, he lay in snow-white sheet, so quiet. Like the first time I met him, just as perfect eyes close. I saw his eyelids, there is a drop of ice crystal beads. It is the tears of frozen up, I wondered if he was too won't leave me? Once again I kissed his lips, that the victim has lost color lip good ice, good ice, always ice came to my mind. I kept telling yourself no cry, not cry, must leave the most perfect smile to dye white. Stop worrying, small white, I will take good care of your mom and dad. Out of the morgue, I couldn't help but broke my tears, the tear wantonly flow, I know he would never came back to me to wipe tears.

They told me to walk too impatient.actually, leaving no word. His friend gave me a delicate small box, is Sue dye white to buy me a ring. He have an accident that day is our second anniversary, he intended to have to surprise me, they slowly say with me.

They say: "that day in pubs up, very urgent, played very fierce. No way, we can give dye BaiDa phone. More than ten years brother! He didn't want meddling in, he said the life now is very calm very happiness. But at the time really played too fierce, sure someone will have an accident. We are really just had to just find dyed white. We see you two were so happy also follow happy, everyone don't want to destroy. Sorry... I'm sorry." They cried like a child, "we really didn't expect it would be so, who also have never thought..."

"I go. You better than ordinary day after all right! Find a stable place, good study, or work, good housekeeping. This is my BaiDou hoped to dye. Tell everyone need not guilty, perhaps this is life!" Tears, ha ha, I even found I did not cry out, the in the mind tremendous pain catch my breath, even talk to all light.

"You are free to go more comfort of his parents. Outliving, the pain is not the average person can bear. This is also he want."

9, you say you love me

I took his schoolbag muddled returned home, I saw the Sue of diary, dyed white away from the beginning, and I have doubled acquaintances, to... The final paper is dyed white's handwriting.

"The dream butterfly:

You did so much for me, I didn't think about it. Until you leave me just know what you mean to me. I used to think I love her very much, but lose you, I don't know how to just happy to rise. No one give me drink soup, no one fierce I care about my body, and no one face to me giggle. I just know, I really can't live without you. Seeing this diary after, I just know how much you grievance. I also understand that once I brought you a much harm. But you told me has been buchibuqi. I want to turn over a new leaf, several times, but failed. Until seeing your diary, I didn't understand what is I want to treasure.Dream butterfly, you trust, I be really take a lifetime to love you. This diary, I will treasure up, when we are old, return can again riffled through our love story.

I never tell you I love you, because I thought, all words in action before will become pale.

But I still want to, you know, honey, I love you!

Your little freely"

Everything, like a joke, a bit of cruel joke. God! Why are you doing this tricks on me?

10 and the next morning

My chuai wear white photos, dyed Sue to ocean the other shore. Most unfortunately, we together three years, unexpectedly has no a group photo. I cut short hair, that had waist of three years I grew like long hair, the regenerative three years feelings, broken. The diary, with him together, reduced to ashes. I want to Sue dye white must want to take it, my whole life love, with him.

In the strange place, stood in the strange street, but total feel some familiar. I play many jobs, give his parents send money, let them know that they are not alone.

Sometimes I open a computer, watching the QQ number, the number that only in the white one, dyed his head is always is grey. But one day, the head really light, I think he should think of me and I said, I afraid of the dark.

Strange, strange languages, do a lot of work, jether not let myself idle down. To help those who are in need of help.

I still can often reminded him that speaks in my ear.

Butterfly dream girl, I made this problem after just can give you a kiss?

Miss xu,, if I exam progress, you take me an ice cream well, I would like to have more lovely.

Xu girl, if I pass the college entrance examination, we'll get married first okay, I'm afraid you run.

The time is long, the memories are beginning to blur. I suddenly think, dyed white, whether you really exist? Just my a person a dream it?

By chance in LiMuYang fellow party met. Carefully broken broken to speak to the recent past, exchanged MSN. He said, XuMeng butterfly, I still remember the time when we drink of appearance. At that time we are still young.

We often in sunny afternoon, their respective sit in front of the computer, remembering the past. About common understanding friend to laugh a burst of, feeling a.

Then one day he suddenly speaks. XuMeng butterfly, in fact, you should learn to have hope. So the next morning, perhaps is a sunny day.

That song is thus sings the:

With ups and downs of figure blocking cry heart/some stories don't say to everyone listen/many eyes too shallow too near/miss I had not been seen that oneself/use simple words untie overloaded heart/some mood is to understand the said, hear/your tears than I am excited pity/I swear I should work harder has more courage...

He also spoke, XuMeng butterfly, I should be formally introduce myself to you. My name is LiMuYang, from China. I studied economics, XuMeng butterfly, let us to meet it. Go to wait for the next one morning.

Neville said wei language
In October of the north has begun under the snow. In October, and no lucked out, but not very happy. Write this story, many reasons. I think young when we must have had such a time, rebellious, warlike, the curtain. Maybe dear you so it is now. I can't speak so good or bad. But my dear children, I will speak with you. Life is how fragile, when the newspaper hype for fights of death, who events concern about their families, their love. When I saw her lover cry bitterly face, how much I'm sad.

Dear children, I will speak with you, youth is bright, it is positive, be sunshine.

Dear children, I will speak with you, in such a long time, do not decadent, we can rebel, can urge, but a sense of propriety.

Dear children, how I want to see, younger than me, you can study, for their own dreams and diligently. Like his brother and sister that the most ardent hope.

Dear children, I want to talk to you speak, I had that rebellious time. I also know how difficult it is for me to go back. So dear girls, do you want to cherish now time. Cherish your teenage youth.

November, every word, every ten band4 back to read a piece of prose to hear the beloved person, every day to write some words. Treat everyone, relatives and friends, love. Do a kind person. If you make others feel happy, you will find happiness, you also follow up. True. True. Everything is ok.