Mom, I find you for a long time

994 in February, northern German city of secco department of hebron this or frozen. Itec los orphanage was situated on Rhine, tall courtyard stood in the wind and snow appears to silence. Early this morning, orphanages 50 years, li da nun running errands, go to the gate when I suddenly ambiguously hear a baby crying sound. She says the go to look for in the doorway, the bushes found a has golden hair baby boy. Nuns will he left, and gave him the name Derby.
Turn over the past seven years, Derby grew up in an orphanage health, he kind-hearted, but character was a melancholy. It's sunny, the nuns took the children, and went through the wood to the river green pastures for a walk. The edge of the woods in the town people to their children as they said: "these children are by parents abandoned, if you not obedient, also send you to an orphanage!"

Hearing these words, Derby was very sad, he cannot help but ask nun: "nana, my parents why don't I, if they are not love I?" Debbie's voice is filled with a with age disproportionate perplexed. Nun surprised and said, "how could you think so?"

"Everybody says so, we are all by parents abandoned children." Derby replied. Nun to comfort him: "although I haven't seen your mother, but I think she must love you, nothing in the world is not love the child's mother. When your mother was abandon you, must be very helpless." Debbie did not speak, but since then he as if suddenly to grow up a lot, often stands alone in the orphanage window, look out of the Rhine, static flow the river takes DE than mother misses.

In 2003, mother's day holiday sweet atmosphere to have rekindled his mother's than intense desire. In that day every TV programs, collecting celebration of mother's day they took the children on mother's day for mother caring dedication to the lens. There is a six-year-old boy in sweat to help parents mow the lawn, his mother watched in son, excited to tears. DE than nun said: "I also want to help my parents work! You know where are they?"

Nun was silent, for several years, without any about Derby parents news. Derby sadly ran out into the street, the streets are so many mother, but no one mother is his. Looked at the bustling with people, Derby crying.

Several months later, 9 Derby leave orphanage and to the nearby a primary school. A class, the teacher give students told a story: "old there lived an emperor, love go game, decided to praise the inventor of the game. The results inventor desire is to get the emperor slap him a few grains of rice, on the board's first case put a grain of rice, in the second case putting two grain of rice, in the third lattices double to four grain... informative, until puts full board. The results finally is 18,000 trillion grain of rice, the total amount of rice as the 10 times."

The story made Derby eyes suddenly lit, he thought that if he help a person, and then ask him to help another 10 people, in such a way of DiJia transfer love, may someday be help of the man is his own mother. The idea that Derby excited, after which he every help others to do a good deed, others appreciate him, he always say: "please help another ten men go, that is, with my greatest gratitude!" Those affected by Derby helps people to this kind of children are full of gratitude, the more the Derby this special way of transfer love was shocked. They like to achieve their promise like, help others 10 people, also tell that receives help people to help the 10 people. A love of invisible nets so at the city's citizens silently launched... 10 good thing of magic

Derby can never believe that, he's actually helped Germany renowned show host beings grams, and became German celebrities.Rick's senior German television talk show host, although 50 years old, but steady typhoons and humorous language makes him the germans love host. His show usually conducted on a celebrity relentlessly trenchant revealed, and let the seemingly respectable privately quality of corruption celebrity downfall. Maybe people have seen too much of the dark side of the society, perhaps television fierce competition and the pressure of work, 2003 rick depressed, Almost to the point of was unable to work. October, rick to television please a year of long holiday, the hope can be in tourism to relax, to restore health. Soon, rick traveled to Derby city, he was the Rhine beautiful be attracted deeply. In the evening he alone walking along the river when suddenly his heart attack, haven't got medicine from his pocket and took out just sank to the ground. Thanks to the fishing by the river Derby timely found out rick, he played for hospital emergency phone, put rick to clinic first aid.

Rick via rescue finally awake, when that is Derby saved him, he holds a Derby hand and grateful to say: "the kid," how could I thank you, if you need money, I can give you a lot of money." Derby shake to say: "if you can help 10 people who need help, is to my greatest gratitude!" Rick don't understand ground to ask: "but you really don't need anything?" Derby laugh and shook her head refused.

Rick was this peculiar young attracted, he left the Derby contact, and drives him to the school. Rick left, Derby again told: "please do 10 parts within the reach of good matter!" Rick looked at the eyes, buckled down the young, heart a hot, serious nodded.

Rick was found life of hope, Derby make him feel the beauty of life. Thereafter he seriously fulfill your promise, helped ten people. Every time to help others, he felt the in the mind is very happy, especially when others to his sincerely say 1 "thank you," he thought his life of particular value. After he had finished had redeemed holiday, an early return to work. All the colleagues are surprised to discover that rick changed, he becomes expansive optimistic and helpful to others.

10 good thing produces magical, changed rick, his depression so miraculously. 1 December 2003 is rick talk show again launched the first night, vigorous of rick stood in the studio audience of national central, about his experience "past I said so many other people's stories, today I want to talk about their own story..." He with tears, use exactly half an hour to speak out 10 good thing magical, finally he choked way: "maybe, don't believe it, but when I love, joy that is really let me blood-boiling. Please also to help 10 people, your life will produce a wonderful feeling."

Through the waves, rick programs throughout the German households. People are the story touched, many people immediately to rick phoned, say they are willing to do 10 good thing. There is more audience urged the Derby, please come to the studio, they want to know the caring boy.Christian louboutin Black

In January 2004, Derby were invited to the studio. Have the audience curiously ask him: "why do you have this idea?" Derby blush with shame, he some hesitate to bite the biting labium and then recognizes their ideas. No one can expect a child to mother's love so deeply, and many adults busy all day in the vanity fair, early forgot his mother. Derby words touches the softest inside people the most part of human nature, a lot of audience were tears.

Rick tightly around the Derby emaciated body, saying: "your mother must be very love you, you will find her!"

The whole German open a wave "do 10 good thing" boom, the former indifference people be human, people are looking forward to their help that person is Derby mother.

The Derby image and sound appeared in Germany's streets, his story widely known. Meanwhile, television intensified for Derby mother search, however Derby mother trudged didn't appear.

In February 2004, one more unfortunate happen in this kind of young body. Derby school, student much is to live in slums children, some young child had joined the underworld. Derby after becoming famous, were those bad boys pursuing fame, they think the Derby must have a lot of money. On 16 February 2004, Derby back to school night on the way, by a "hooligans" surround. However they in the Derby body find no money, become angry from embarrassment rogue with knives stabbing will Derby.Christian Louboutin

Derby abdomen and liver punctured, seriously, fall in blood, until two hour and then be a police patrol found to the hospital. In the hospital, unconscious in the Derby murmurs have been calling: "mom, mom..."

Television stations broadcast 24 hours Derby illness, all concerned Derby in prayer he can revive. Dozens of college students arrive Alexander square, walked hand in hand together, they form a heart cries aloud: "mother, mother!" This cries moved passers-by, they red eyes joined the single "heart", with the increase in the number of people, this heart is more and more big.

More moving is that, from Derby was stabbed in two hours after receiving, television hundreds of woman's phone, participants said they would when Derby mother. LiDa is a professor at the university of Munich, her SOB to say: "like Derby such good boy, do his mother I feel proud." 35 tower Rena repeatedly scored telephone said: "I grew up without her, I was very keen mother, I can pretty much understand Derby mood." There is a phone from secco department is the city of hebron, this woman named Judy's call, her children a few years ago, have been searching for the missing child she passionately say: "if my child like Derby that missing me, I feel so happy. I hope I can be a Derby with a single mother, mother's heart sincerely love him!" Thousands of telephone flocked to the TVBut only a mother Derby, television can choose only one person as a Derby mother to take care of him. Time is pressing, through our intense discussions, agreed to let Judy do Derby mother, because she dwelt in the Derby city, and accents and Derby identical, will have even more tenderness.

February 17 2004 morning, coma 12-minute Derby opened his eyes, Judy holding a bunch of beautiful lilies appeared in the Derby bedside, shook his hand to say: "dear Derby, I am your mother." Derby seem to see the sun general, his eyes suddenly lit, he is surprised to say: "you really are my mother?" Judy tears forcibly nod, present all the people are also facing Derby with a smile and a nod. Two rows of tears from Derby eyes fell: "mom, I have been searching for you for a long time! Please don't ever leave me, good?"Christian Louboutin Boots

Judy nodded and SOB way: "depend upon it, mom never left." Debbie's pale face smiled, he still wants to say more words, but have no energy, this is Derby stay on earth, the last day of his hand has been holding Judy's hand, refused to loosen, he is not willing to close your eyes, he will look at the mother, the presence of all medical personnel's tears is no did.

In February 2004, 18 at 2 a.m., Derby closed his eyes, and never left the earth. He that only holding her hand never loosen.