Ba gedaliah the butterfly

People say ba Kennedy long like girl: pink cheek has a layer of yellow villi, smiling eyes like bow as bent forward.
His house in Inner Mongolia east khorchin Hebrides hot tara village, spring winter and summer, summer and then as grassland. Large green grass, chrysanthemum petals, you must open LiuPian small stick on land, horses were stepping on the undead. The bell orchid wait until the knapweed in open defeated only blossom. Each to this time, and Kennedy than adults still busy: she gathered a bell orchid, run a few steps squat, again pick flourishing seedlings like sasha reachon flowers. Then he 3.4 years, still in his KaiDangKu, often show two disc butt.

Mother said: "god made a mistake, and Kennedy how become boy in the? He's the girl."

Mother told ba Kennedy don't catch flower is not, say flower hurts. He will spend even soil dug watered, literally offon somewhere. These places including the box, radio behind, and Westinghouse boots. In winter, the house also can find dry crack mud pods, have above ZhiHen and dry like tobacco as flowers.

Ba gump's father sensitive mountain was killed by the train killed. He and his mother living together, ZhuangJiaHuo - such as corn, by big jiu jiang cut its cloth for help. Big jiu celibacy, only a skin 3-year-old fruit Shan horse. Mom died big jiu moved nor ba Kennedy.

Mother don't know to what illness, actually ba Kennedy also don't know what is "disease". Mother lying on kang, I did nothing at all, what live by a folding forehead of blue wet towel. Many people came to see her in succession, including have never seen, wears a red coat ridiculous 80 years old, old lady, wear the uniform of the old railway, finger belly split stick full white bandage. These people bring refreshments and our own tomatoes, brought BiLiGe singing tape, harp, mother like invisible. At ordinary times, just four plastic say snack of green hairpin, she also can surprizingly held in my hand.

"Ba Kennedy, take to eat!" Mom refers to person has charng-er figure Ann snack box, then sleep a mesh. No matter what time these people come in, what time to walk, also ignore them when wanting to long gaze. Ba sat red hall ark gump below small bench, with some grass braid, listen to the adult stem plait speak, but he didn't understand. Sometimes his mother and big jiu talk, drive out the ba gump houses. He eavesdrop, mother cry for a sound out-played 1, uncle bah. This is the "disease"?

Evening, and Kennedy as she lie in her mother's side. Mom touched his head two roadway, see his ears, nose, pinching his small fat hand.

"Ba Kennedy, mom going now."

"Go there?"

"Mom to which place, will no longer come back"

Ba Kennedy alert sat up.

"Ba Kennedy, everyone have a day to give far door, go to a place. Dad isn't so?"

Ba Kennedy asked: "so, want to go where?"

"You don't travel anywhere, and big jiu together. I had gone, every summer into a butterfly to see you."
Become a butterfly? Mother so magic, she the past why not?

"I can tell others?" Ba Kennedy asked.

Mother shook his head. After a while, said: "one day, then to our house, I carried away. Then I was not words, not open eyes. You don't cry, don't shout me. I'm not can turn the butterfly?"

"Into a butterfly just could not say words?"

Mother lay nod, the tears from canthus drawn into a strip flow into the ear.
What she said is correct. One day, home to many people, neighbor SangJie grandma brought him to Westinghouse gedaliah, holding him. Some people regard mother carried her out and outside, someone dishonors her face, her mother's face white gauze. People busy, wellies trample there was mud, jiang its cloth uncle squat, who by hand trembling shoulders knead ba gump.

From which since then, Hector hot tara began to drought, the herdsmen felt dry for this year, next year must not drought, but every year drought. A tiller of the ground when the seeds, no rain. Grass long bad, the sheep flock who still far away, do not have enough to eat FanBa backfat are all got lost. Grass less, sand rises more, with the arm tao hole. The inside of the sand moist dark yellow, can hold dough. The village has several family moved to pasture good place.

Ba Kennedy see so many flowers. In the past, depression or has deep green grass, or after rain mushrooms, there will be flowers. Now full of sand, or to see butterflies, before them in the summer morning floating in the past, like confetti was blower blew the place and dancing. Mother into a butterfly after, how long does it take to fly back to Hector hot tara? Midway tired, perhaps to rest a while, in TongLiao or ZhengGuTun. Maybe it meet the river of the cloud, think to be true cloud, want to go to sleep, drilling results were washed away.

That year, ba gump feast aobao sit wagon pull fertilizer, uncle in to ha river pumping station edge see butterflies. It has more than ten years old, jumped out of the carriage, after that the purple butterfly. Uncle shout:

"Ba ba gump life!!"

Shouts farther and farther, butterfly on the sand dune fly, then pass through a bitter fleabane bitter fleabane that willow. It seems afar, later appeared in front. Ba Kennedy motionless, watching it to distant einhorn. A glowing, like leaves.

Later, they both moving to the nanometer tendril tara, uncle gave a Korean ethnic rice, elementary school three years of age.

Schools here is full of red brick big old, there is the raising of the national flag pole. Glass intact, neither cold in winter. The school has a youth volunteer, female, golden yellow skin, called wen hills, Hong Kong. Wen teacher took their class child to the wild night lit bonfires singing, story-telling, everybody likes her and her bag endless good things: plastic carry guns SIMS, nail polish, Mickey Mouse shape the ball-point pen, chewing gum, flash eye shadow, Tibetan antelope posters. Everything wen teachers are many, in a cowboy bag. Every moment she back this package, meet those who perform well - such as dare aloud English words, she opened bag, get something his reward.

One day afternoon, wen teacher brought a roll of colored thumbtack nail wall, use on the blackboard.

"The classmates," wen the teacher pointed at figure, "what is this?"

"Butterfly. Everybody said.

On the graph butterfly whose wings, yellow fins with black side, two tentacles also is black.

"What is this?"


"Yes. This?" She pointed to a like chestnut with pointed things, "this is pupa. Students, we see the beautiful butterfly is actually pupa change, you don't look maggots and pupa all ugly, but changed butterfly later......"

"Your nonsense!" Ba Kennedy stood up and angry pointing to the teacher.

Wen teacher stays and said: "ba Kennedy, speak, please raise your hand."

Ba sat down, a gump bite lips.

"Pupa in what time will become a butterfly? Spring, the earth recovery..."

Ba platform, one mouthful bite rushed gump wen teacher's arm.
"Ah Yao!" Wen teacher shouted, the classroom in confusion. Ba Kennedy in the district jia cloth slap in the mouth, wen teacher next loosen holding his arm to see with the blood tooth marks, crying. Ba Kennedy blackboard he-pulled down, tore lousy, under their feet trample. The nose is still in the blood stream. District jia cloth clothes clasp was dragged off, a few of the girls horrified embrace together.

"Are you mad?" The headmaster came. With ShouChuo ba gedaliah the forehead, and Kennedy fadeaway sit. He put up in bashan, gump carry chuo, "crazy!" Ba Kennedy this again would sit.
The headmaster XiangWen teacher PeiXiao, with the mouth blow on her arm tooth marks, XiangWen teacher PeiXiao and jiang its cloth uncle. He put a raise led to the teacher for wen. The headmaster through investigation, that has not been bitten by bashan gump, let wen teachers don't be afraid. However, ba Kennedy was expelled.

One night, the teacher came to gedaliah home, carrying baal which bag. She let the cloth uncle and Yellow River dog out for a short stay, she wants to meet with barca Kennedy alone talk.

"Children, you must have a heart knot." Wen teacher squat, stretch out a hand to touch ba waving gump's face, "tell the teacher what?"

Butterfly? Butterfly flies over from a very far place, perhaps's xilingol grassland, grandmother home there. Butterfly in gaza reachon petals in water, then wash my face, then fly. After sunset fly. In all over the sky star under, butterfly is like a wizard, it may be white, perhaps is purple...

"Butterfly reminds you of what? Child."

Ba Kennedy shook his head.

Wen teacher sighed, her from his bag and took out a pair of white sneakers - leather, blue shoes son, to baal Kennedy.

Ba Kennedy shook his head. His yellow rubber overshoes already broken, canvas exposed flesh to nations. He didn't shoelace son, use twine fasten from his feet to the instep.

Wen teacher put the new shoes on the kang, and Kennedy snatched up tucked into her bag.

Wen teacher went out and saw jiang its cloth honest poor smiling face, again see ba Kennedy. She said: "the butterfly is beautiful. Gump, baal hope I haven't hurt you, go to school."

Ba Kennedy came back to school.

Ba Kennedy by junior high grade one, became a celebrity flag in. In middle school mathematics competition, autonomous won his third, become run scholarship winners.

In summer vacation, union organized a good student summer camp to go to Qingdao, including ba Kennedy. Qingdao is good, the house from the mountain to mountain, roof cover red and white beach as fill another flour, seawater rushed over to shore, and back.

Summer camp last day activity is visited yellow sea institute: buildings outside the wall was crawling with ivy, besides road, the ground is covered with grass, than the green grassland. Dining room chairs are fixed, with butt loiter, chair also won't make noise. Eat what oneself take dish, can put chicken wings, burning up the rape and burn prawn end to seat to eat. Finished, the iron plate thrown into a red plastic drum.
After dinner, they visit biological library.

Like a ship like a whale skeleton, mammoth teeth, owl and fox specimens of bashan, Ian sleep here is actually a zoo, but animals don't move. Of course, fish in dynamic, like changed CaiZhuang fish tireless swam to swim in the past, background of a lamp. Finally, they came to insect's sample room.

Butterfly! Big glass closet caked with butterfly, big like bean leaves that, small like bond buckle, some butterfly wings grow in a pair of YuanLiuLiu eyes. Ba in drum the freewill jump. Explanation of female teacher took a wooden stick, speaks the little gray xishuangbanna butterfly, Mexico monarch butterflies, FengYan gorge butterfly... Ba Kennedy walked out of house, leaning against the wall.

Butterfly what to here? Because Qingdao have the sea? Hector hot tara and Raman tara has good years nanotubes without butterflies. The butterfly is lost, they fly to the seaside, fly forward not passed, and fell on the rocks, and open flowers as the sea reef.

Summer camp people come out, no one found him. Ba Kennedy saw with a stick of female teacher, he walked over to one player bowed. The teacher nodded, watching this DaiZhe "ZheLiMuMeng wording" red hats child.

Ba Kennedy put money vomit them up have notes and COINS, hold a handkerchief bag to her: "teacher, ask you one thing, please put them!"

"Put it, let them fly back to grassland."

"Put what?"


The female teacher was surprised and smiled, see ba Kennedy blushed and has the tears, and live to smile, hold his hand into the house, saying nothing to look at him.Ba Kennedy was silent time stream son the words out. Mother was carried out and raining outside, SangJie grandmother who hand over his eyes. Eventually everybody all want to go to a place? To become something?

The female teacher use a handkerchief to wipe try tears. Such ba Kennedy finish. She took out a box from the cupboard: "what name do you call?"
"Ba Kennedy"

"This for you." The female teacher's hand crystal has a beautiful butterfly, purple brigandine JinWen, "is kunshan purple Helena." She put the crystal dish into the wooden box to baal Kennedy, eyes red with, the tip of the nose and a little red. She said: "good things never die, life is like afterlife is still the same. We believe it, but also accept it. This is a ba gedaliah the butterfly.

The window someone shouted: "ba Kennedy, where are you? The car to leave..."