"Every day when countdown" is our happiness recipe

If you like, we are the same to you together every day as a countdown view, will cherish affection.

My wife and I love reading, mouth is learning. Morning still on the table, she and I were "which". She said han drama good-looking, cuirenleixia. I say not good-looking, mother-in-law mother. She said, "you have art cells. I say, you never know what classic. She said, you above his business. I say, you settle to superficial. Spoke, we start from the original topic blamed each other. I said a married her the shortcomings and the insufficiency, she recite the past dozens of years my many mistakes and crime. I quotations, she speak with evidence. So we your voice is more and more big, the war increasingly upgrades, rise to cannot rise again, I put on my coat, left the carnage behind.

Hence, our a pair again beginning NTH "civil war." Eat, respectively; in a restaurant, Sleep, one into a house. During the dinner, and sleeping before this period of time, we also not watch TV, but lock yourself in each room watching other. Know is both of us have a fight, I do not know of thought we both in plugging, want when academician?Christian Louboutin

The taste is really weird. Sure you have also had the similar experience: stay away from it, and don't want from; Hide it, return true myheart didn't open, Don't want to see the other side of gloomy face it, watch still is no good. A dention eaves, so the strength, who did not respond who. Whoever say 1 first RuanHua, who have no dignity. No, must carry on the shoulder, cannot just surrender.

The next day, saw our neighborhood Lao wang. He looks at me a NaoMenZi lawsuit, ask me how, I'll tell him. He "ha ha" a smile to say, let's play to somebody else from Shanghai learning. You see somebody else's Shanghai more men than good, a top height is a model husband. The wife a home, he hurriedly give wife take slippers, tea, pinching shoulder, beat back. Somebody else let wife watch TV, put iton apron the cooking, brush a bowl, mopping the floor, washing work total package. The wife if angry, still can one mouthful a "carefully", "small heart liver", "small NanNan" the wife coax happy. And you? Far worse? This can be no good. I've finished, stared at him and said, they are, and I am I. I am Beijing masterses son, Beijing masterses son have fears the wife? Pharaoh listen, take BaiYanZhu turned my one eye, go.

This night my wife and I are still relatively with silence. I saw the newspaper just one article, top write: "between husband and wife of tolerance and understanding". I put the paper on her pillow. Want to let others take education education her. The next morning I opened the eyes, the paper comes back again. Make me so...

This is the third day. In the afternoon, I go to my teacher's house. My teacher and wishing every happiness will always have both been 1980s-mr years old, are old intellectuals. The teacher sat on the sofa, very weak of appearance. Although the house is very warm, but the teacher's knee or take a blanket. He asked me, your lover? I say we fight. The teacher smiled, poking fun at the ground to ask, why? To discuss the "human where to go?" Such big problem before there are differences? I said, I can not so big of learning, I now that I don't know where to go.

The teacher smiled. Wishing every happiness will always say, noisy what ah, be like we this age, think noisy are noisy don't get up. I know, about two month ago, my teacher is sick, it started pneumonia, later triggered a systemic disease. In bed was in a coma for seven days and seven nights. After many rescue, until the teacher from dying pull back. In those days, and two other of sustainability, wishing every happiness will always keep for teacher emancipated scrub. I was worried frown, wishing every happiness will always.Christian Louboutin Boots

My wishing every happiness will always say: "like we this age, have entered life countdown. We like on a bus, quick arrive station. Comes to an end, whether you like it or not, they're willing to get off. In other words, two people together day is really running out. In fact, we together long enough? No. You think that the world so many men and women, you are chosen her, she also are chosen you. Not easy, predestination! If you like us, put you two together every day as a countdown view, you can cherish your feelings. I say these things, you may not know but you live to our age when they see. But why single until the day? A day earlier understand, not better?"
I listened to her words, the in the mind be some sour, also feel right. I decided to be reconciled with wife, even in this night!

I walking home, the way to be reconciled words hit a mental note, then firmly in mind. To be successful, I read a few times, silently but don't think. I think my words not sincere, not moving, not beautiful. Words like "chant, tongues as BanSuan". Alas, true can't, innate disposition. I am a never and the wife say RuanHua person. I couldn't help to complain about my parents came to: initially how didn't give me one and a half a will coax creature genes?

I stood there, focused on the street lights lit up, this is busy and cold winter night. The road pedestrians, headnotes noise. I suddenly caught a glimpse of, there is a sell chestnuts in the shop, dazzling yellow lamplight, the big shovel in GuLiuLiu "turn on" fry pan, risking steamy heat, dark brown glossy shining chestnuts, "hua" 1 poured in PoLuo in...

Suddenly I had an idea, is it.Christian Louboutin Flats

I bought a catty of chestnut, carefully hold, very hot. I know she this winter always love eating this stuff, watch dramas.

I went into the house and the wife is watching TV, be plot infection, she laughed. But a see me immediately and serious. "Fine" turn "Yin", this "weather" how change so fast? Even the meteorological station will puzzlement) why any.

She carried shelf, the shelf than painting is very big, the building time take that shelf.

I put that a bag of chestnuts in front of her, hot, with my temperature. I finally out to a words: "deliberately... for you to buy." My wife saw one eye, the facial expression be sober, sober, stretch, finally stretchs tight not to live, "PuChi a loud laughter. I say: "you don't play deep?" She immediately use "drop B melody" gentleness response 1: "you... please... anaerobic."

She put out her arms, I also hurriedly learn her appearance, meet it.


Hey hey, embarrassed...