We are each other's love baby

And at the age of 40, he just had my. According to the hometown of customs, will give neighbors sent dye must segong is colourful eggs. He cheerfully to market bought many bright full of eggs, oneself homecooked, then use cheap pigment, each will dye eggs have nice bright.
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We are each other's love baby mom said, "he is a case early raised 100 eggs, to explore the surrounding several dong upstairs to send. House-to-house knocking, in other strange alienated from the eyes, extremely proud very loudly say, I had a baby daughter, 6 jins 6 two, at 6 o 'clock in the morning, the most auspicious time! But there are still in he turned away, saying, but is a accept the ragged, perhaps this girl future also inherited his career? So, he never is quickly forgotten. In fact, he is too excited, even meet on the way took the child's mother, also can gather together to go forward, ha ha silly smile said, our family daughter is so beautiful! Many people watched him up because long-term tattered and cracked withered hand straight, often before he draws near, took the child, far away. He is not angered, face still heap smile, conveniently will somebody else just threw his mineral water bottles to pick up, humming tunes smiled back home to see his sheath of baby.

I long to 6 years of age, and began to like to follow him, in this buzzing around the city. The dazzle eye multicolored lights, let a person feel cannot breathe towering buildings, wear stilettos DaDa lightless woman, hotel careful don't slip shining floor, than he bought my candy, and warm inviting. Though I can from his pocket a piece of candy strip carelessly threw it into his mouth, and these entice me things, but they always packed in transparent box, ren how hard I tried, also can not open to remove them.

Every day he tricycles carried my, travelling in this city road, shouted loudly threaten. Often have passers-by kidding, say, the child is also you to pick up? He is always very mild, but only this sentence, always let him rush. Occasionally he will also very loudly to argue with others, saying, this is my natural baby daughter, with what say to pick up? ! Stranger watching him so partners who are getting serious about, then smile, du rang 1: you do grandpa is still about, so old.
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I was a wild wench, and he spoiled, what person all not afraid. See anyone bully him, he will jump out of the car, and debate, said, my dad is not that old? He is the most powerful, can breath carrying dozens of bags, will a few people down! He is in a audit, often and passers-by with laughing. But I know he smiles, were full of my love. Nothing, can let the moment he, as happy and proud and clinking.

At the age of 10, I suddenly begin to have little selfish, don't willing with him out. Then he started opening electric tricycle, front put a treble of speakers, is my children's chorale, rudely. repeatedly yell: collecting scrap! Car by driving TuTu past, many people will turn smile looking at her advice. I finally know that smile, actually more, is for me and his sympathy. Sympathy, a step forward, and is mocked?

He is still CARES, in fact, he in addition to me, nothing in mind. Even in the outside be street hooligans ransacked the car, will fall almost can't phonate horn, still put his hiding ChengGan bogus. He in such bullying, no sad, just return to home, can see I ran up shouted his, dad, have good things to baby? I am his baby, never is. Every time he would give I scrounge interesting things, is sometimes a fading necklace, he clean, give I wear around her neck. Sometimes is a pale purple balloon, his strength to blow the largest, pierced mouth, then "bang captured half empty, and see my smile hopped tosnatch. My momma always said, don't spoil her, spoiled even even you want fierce. He was laughing, baby born not is to make my pet?

Once in the school, far far see him coming around a classmate and shout: Korea smiles send us light, your grandpa coming! I see quickly, he will drive over, know his tricycle will take me home, suddenly some sad, first think his old, his humble, originally can let my life, so embarrassing and sorehead. That day I was in schoolmate's laugh, from the path fled go home. Slowly breeding of sensitive and selfish, so, let I began to go away from him the ubiquity of pampering.
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He knows I do not like to follow him running around, also not force, but still scared of love playing I'm lonely, buy back a large dog. It is thin and vulnerable than appearance, I gave it the name "big strong". In the weekend, holding the stroll around it. It goes with my quickly familiar, but for him, a face of vigilance, he fetch bones, but also love pitched ignore shape. I know because he seldom to fondle big strong, he would rather after come back for a cup of tea and read my composition, also not the wish amuse it. I asked him, why don't like big strong. Then he said, pulling my big strong which have a baby. This sentence, almost as his pet phrase, and let every time I hear, feel, mere words of joke.

But still once, he let me know, this sentence was not only he took tease my mantra. That day he was two ground PI entangled, he said with a smile a fair, still cannot get rid of them. Just me and big strong after, see he was quite bullying, a car waste, were down. I watched the two a face of evil men, suddenly want to escape, be I leash big strong, but suddenly flounce off me, flapping up desperately worrying two ground PI, finally let them bellow the escape. I walk over and quietly to help him up everywhere wastepaper. I thought he would blame me, in his meet the time of difficulty, I big strong all not equal to, but he is still heard that sentence, who all had no baby well. My tears, brush to suddenly out. Originally his heart, except love, there is nothing.

I read an university, he has that year nearly 60 years old, grey, hands no longer agile. For my tuition, he still trample over city each has the garbage can be found in the corner. Heavy energy work, nobody looking for him to do, even his sacred, carry a hundred